Open up to innovation!

"Open up to innovation!" is the name of a seminar series from Vinnova focusing on perspectives and processes that strengthen Sweden's ability to meet major societal challenges.

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In order to meet the challenges of our time, such as the climate crisis, an aging population and digitalisation, digitalisation need an ability to adapt the entire system. Getting a change in complex systems puts great and new eligibility requirements on the actors society. With the series "Open up to innovation!" Vinnova highlights exciting perspectives and innovative methods to succeed with the necessary change.

Stay up-to-date - news and seminars

Below you can follow Vinnova's seminar series and update yourself on news about how systems and contexts affect innovation ability and how we open up to sustainable innovation. It's about smart policy development, system transformation and common goal images. The seminars are webcasted and you can find the previous recordings further down the page.

See the web-based seminars afterwards

Below you can follow our seminars and conferences in real time in the series Open up for innovation! You can also watch the webcasts afterwards.

Missions in practice - the entire community needs to be mobilized

To meet challenges such as poverty, climate change and inequalities in health, we need to mobilize the entire community. Inom EU and in Sweden, missions are identified as a promising way to mobilize to achieve the necessary system change.

Digital business ecosystems in transformation

Meet Swedish innovation projects from the front of revolutionary changes in several domains and industries around transformation in digital ecosystems within cities, industry, transportation, finance and health.

High time for system transformation!

Webcast lunch seminar April 10 with Banny Banerjee, Director of Stanford Changelabs.

Smart policy development contributes to new solutions

Web conference on innovative policy development March 29 at Vinnova.

Circular economy - From words to (up) action!

Web-based seminar from November 14 on the theme of how procurement becomes a tool for driving transition to a circular economy.

Missions - a powerful method to meet societal challenges

See the webinar with Dan Hill, strategic designer at Vinnova. He talks about what a mission-oriented way of working can be in Sweden and how the method can contribute to system transformation, globally and in a Nordic context.


Do you have questions about the seminar series "Open up for innovation!" so do not hesitate to contact any of us.

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