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Circular and biobased economy

Below you find the current calls within this offer.

Open for application

Build for the future! - Innovation for sustainable construction
Closes in 3 months

Seek funding for solutions that contribute to a sustainable building and construction sector.

Closed for application

Policy development for sustainable industry
Closed 26 October 2022

We support actors who want to develop policy and instruments for the transition to a climate-neutral and circular industry.

Increased resource efficiency for a sustainable industry
Closed 3 May 2022

For project in circularity and digitalisation with a focus on efficient use of material and energy resources.

Increased resource efficiency for a circular industry
Closed 16 September 2021

Increased resource efficiency for a circular industry

Circular and climate-neutral industry - From theory to practice 2021
Closed 29 June 2021

Funding of project that investigate policy and behavioral issues that facilitate the transition to a circular and climate-neutral industry.

Circular and biobased economy - From theory to practice
Closed 27 February 2020

Funding for projects that investigates policy and behavioral issues that accelerate the transition to a bio-based and / or circular economy.

Increased resource efficiency through circular economy
Closed 11 April 2019

With this offer, Vinnova wants to strengthen the conditions for realizing a circular och biobased economy. We finance development and innovation projects that focus on circular flows in existing or new applications.

Cirkulär och biobaserad ekonomi, från teori till praktik
Closed 15 November 2018

För projekt som utreder policy- och beteendefrågor som underlättar för en biobaserad och/eller cirkulär ekonomi.

Last updated 28 September 2022

Reference number 2018-02242

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