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AI for advanced digitalization 2024

Are you a consortium that wants to contribute to the development of advanced and innovative AI solutions? With this the call for proposals, Vinnova wants to strengthen Sweden´s capacity and innovative capacity in AI, and create the next generation of digital solutions.

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The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

The call is open to research and innovation projects with an AI-related problem with industrial needs in focus. The projects shall, through collaboration, develop enabling technology and capabilities in advanced and innovative digitalization.

Who can apply?

Consortiums with at least two participants, one of which is an industrial party in the form of a company, can apply. Universities, university colleges, research institutes and other relevant organizations can also participate.

How much can you apply for?

It is possible to apply for between SEK 2 and 10 million in funding per project. The grant may correspond to a maximum of 50 percent of the project´s eligible costs. The call´s preliminary budget is SEK 50 million.

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Important dates

  • Call text for the offer

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    • A call for proposals within the Advanced digitalisation programme

      For more information on the program, visit their website

      The call for proposals is aimed at consortia that can contribute to the development of advanced and innovative solutions in artificial intelligence (AI) for next-generation digital solutions in industrial applications. The funded projects must address needs in industry and business today and in the future.

      The call for proposals is to strengthen Sweden's capacity, innovative capacity and competitiveness in AI, and create the next generation of digital solutions in Swedish industry. The projects are expected to have a high level of innovation and result in innovative technology. Funding can be granted for demonstrators, prototypes or pilot installations in the form of, for example, models, tools, applications, frameworks and platforms.

      Granted project must move the AI field forward, contribute to groundbreaking results and clearly demonstrate the benefits for Swedish industry. Vinnova welcomes applications that describe project in early phases of technology development as well as project that have reached further towards implementation and initial commercialization.

      The call for proposals is aimed at consortia with at least two project parties where companies, universities, university college, research institutes and other relevant actors can be included. At least one company must be part of the consortium to ensure that the project is industrially anchored. All participating parties can be companies.

      Funding: SEK 2 to 10 million, maximum 50 percent of the project's total eligible costs.
      Project duration: 12 to 36 months.

      The call's preliminary budget is SEK 50 million.

    • This the call for proposals aims to strengthen Sweden's capacity, innovative capacity and competitiveness in AI, and create next-generation digital solutions in Swedish industry. By advanced and innovative AI, we mean project that have a high level of innovation, result in innovative technology or solve a new or existing application problem in an innovative way. The solution can be shown in the form of demonstrators, prototypes or pilot installations in the form of, for example, models, tools, applications, frameworks and platforms. It can also mean elucidating and applying aspects of interoperability through frameworks and standards that represent, deploy and execute AI.

      This the call for proposals is part of the Advanced digitalisationprogram, an industry-driven programme to promote Sweden's and Swedish industry's ability to create the digital solutions of the future. The program is an effort from Vinnova in collaboration with industry, and mobilizes actors from different parts of society towards common objective.

      The program must be implemented with a long-term perspective and contribute to innovative, enabling technologies and the development of central competence areas that meet the needs of the industry. The program's starting point is system-by-system, where AI can enable new and combined data flows between different systems for new and expanded areas of use.

      This the call for proposals aims in particular to contribute to the following results within the program:

      • Sweden has the ability to develop next-generation digital solutions.
      • Develop solutions for increased interoperability between digital products, services and systems.
      • Contribute to the next generation of advanced, powerful and secure digital solutions - developed in Sweden.
      • Strengthen Sweden's attractiveness in terms of research and innovation investments.
      • Contribute to society's digital transformation, sustainable development and the work to achieve the Swedish environmental goals.

      With this call for proposals Vinnova wants to support Swedish development of advanced and innovative solutions in artificial intelligence (AI), and we are targeting consortia that can together contribute to the development of advanced and innovative solutions in artificial intelligence.

      It is open to a wide variety of problem formulations, innovations and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.

      Read more in EIT's taxonomy for mapping the European AI ecosystem

      At the center of the project will be a solution to an AI-related problem. It should therefore not only constitute a limited part of the work. The project is expected to move the AI field forward and contribute to groundbreaking results in industrial applications.

      The solutions that are developed must be driven by industrial needs, and need to have a large and clearly demonstrable potential. We expect solid analyzes of the solution's usefulness, originality and competitiveness. The project's results are also expected to have an impact and spread, and thus contribute to increasing the competence of Swedish industry, beyond the participating parties.

      Genom Agenda 2030, the countries of the world have agreed on a global agreement and understanding of what characterizes sustainable development. Through our efforts, Vinnova contributes to the global commitment to reach the goals.

      Read more about our work to contribute to the goals of Agenda 2030

      In Inom Agenda 2030, Vinnova has specifically identified climate and gender equality as two central sustainability perspectives to which our funded investments should contribute positively. Project financed by Vinnova are therefore expected to take special account of the climate and gender equality aspects.

      One aspect that Vinnova follows up and assesses is whether both women and men share in the grant in an equal way, participate in and have influence over the project. See section 7 under the actor criterion.

      Vinnova also analyzes and takes a position on whether there are gender and/or gender aspects that are relevant linked to the project's scope, solutions and utilization.

      Read more about what our work for equal innovation means for those of you who seek funding from us

      This question is mandatory for all applicant and can be found under the heading Project tasks in Vinnovas Intressentportal. In this call for proposals the question is the basis for assessment.

      Results from research and innovation that are made freely available increase the opportunity for more people to contribute to solutions to societal challenges. The call for proposals should contribute to making results freely available to everyone, and that scientific publication should take place with open access.

    • The call for proposals is aimed at consortia consisting of at least two project parties.
      The projects must be driven by the needs of industry and business, and at least one Swedish company must be participant in the consortium. The applicant can come from industry, business, academia, institutes, public activities and public authority.

      The participant seeking funding must be a Swedish legal entity. In this respect, a foreign organization that has a branch or place of business in Sweden is equated with a Swedish legal person. The costs in the project must be able to be linked to the activities at the branch or place of business.

    • Activities for which funding can be applied for

      It is possible to apply for funding for activities that are part of research and development projects with a focus that meets the call's aim according to section 2.

      Examples of eligible activities:

      • Investigation of technical and design conditions.
      • Development of prototypes or demonstration versions of products, services or processes. Significant improvement of existing products, services or processes. This may also include pilot work, testing and validation.
      • Planned research or critical analysis aimed at acquiring new knowledge and new skills.
      • Research and development of production methods.
      • Planning and carrying out studies and tests to verify an innovation.
      • Investigation of market conditions, for example identifying customers, customer needs, possible collaboration partners and competitors.

      The length of the projects can be between 12 and 36 months.

      We do not finance routine or recurring changes to existing products, services, manufacturing methods or manufacturing processes. Neither are educational efforts, courses, marketing, sales, ongoing operations, quality assurance, certification, investment in equipment and tools, and intellectual property strategies and protection.

    • Vinnova's funding can amount to between SEK 2 and 10 million per project. It can amount to a maximum of 50 percent of the project's total eligible costs.

      Funding to parties that carry out economic activities is granted according to § 9 of the regulation 2015:208 on government support for research and development and innovation. This means support for research and development projects. This is described in Article 25 of the EU Commission's Block Exemption Regulation number 651/2014, known as GBER.

      Both regulation 2015:208 and GBER are described in more detail on the webpage on State support for economic activities. There are also links to the regulations themselves.

      Funding to companies will preferably be granted for Industrial research, but in individual cases also for Experimental development.

      In this call for proposals the following term applies for maximum aid intensity to individual beneficiary:

      • Small companies are companies with 1-49 employees and a turnover of a maximum of EUR 10 million. They can have a maximum of 80 percent of their costs covered by funding in this call for proposals.
      • Medium-sized companies are companies with 50-249 employees and a maximum turnover of EUR 50 million. Their funding can amount to a maximum of 75 percent of the costs in this call for proposals.
      • Large companies have more than 250 employees and a turnover of more than EUR 50 million. For them, a maximum of 65 percent in funding applies in this call for proposals.

      Se Kapitel 1, Article 2 of the GBER for definitions:

      • Item 85 for Industrial research.
      • Item 86 for Experimental Development.

      All details about support levels for different purposes and organization types can be found in a table in the document "Support levels, definitions and more for funding according to Vinnova" on the website State support for economic activities. There you will also find the GBER regulation.

      Non-state aid is granted to parties that do not carry out economic activities, for example universities and university colleges, research institutes and public activities. Their maximum aid intensity is 100 percent in accordance with § 5 of the aid scheme.

      The total grant budget is provisionally SEK 50 million for this call for proposals.

    • Conditions for us to assess proposal

      Vinnova will only assess applications that meet the following formal eligibility requirements:

      • The consortium consists of at least two project parties, of which at least one is a Swedish company. In this respect, a foreign organization that has a branch or place of business in Sweden is equated with a Swedish legal person and a Swedish company. The costs in the project must be attributable to the branch's or establishment's activities.
      • All project parties must be legal entities.
      • Proposal must be written in Swedish or English.
      • The project described in proposal must not have started before proposal is submitted.
      • Proposal must follow all instructions and contain all appendices according to section 9.
    • What do we assess?

      Proposal must be in line with the call's objective and aim stated in section 2 and will be assessed according to the criteria below. In addition to an individual assessment of each project, Vinnova strives to also achieve a certain size-wise spread of granted project.

      Potential (weighted 40 percent):
      • The innovative height of the project.
      • Potential to contribute to a valuable capacity and competence in artificial intelligence for Sweden (competence potential).
      • The solution's potential impact and impact on Swedish industry (solution potential).
      • The project's impact and impact on Swedish industry.
      • The project's potential to promote gender equality in the project's problem area and utilization.
      • The project's potential to contribute positively to the global goals in Agenda 2030, with a particular focus on climate and gender equality.

      Actors (weighted 30 percent):
      • The competence, credibility and ability of the project parties to carry out the project and implement solutions for the identified AI challenge.
      • The consortium's anchoring in Swedish industry and business.
      • The project partners' ability to spread, utilize, commercialize and further develop the knowledge generated in the project, both within their own organizations and outside the consortium.
      • How well the team's key personnel are composed with regard to gender distribution, as well as the distribution of power and influence between women and men.

      Feasibility (weighted 30 percent):
      • The realism of the project plan in relation to set objective, methods, activities and budget.
      • The participation and relevance of the specified project parties in the project's various work packages and activities.
      • How well the project structure contributes to the utilization and dissemination of the results, both within the own organizations and outside the consortium.
      • How well risks are described and managed in the implementation of the project.

      How do we judge?

      Project applications will be assessed in competition and the assessment is based on the electronic proposal submitted via Vinnova's e-services.
      Schematically, the decision process looks like this:

      1. Proposal are submitted via Vinnova's e-services.
      2. The applications that meet the formal requirements and the thematic fit of the call will be assessed based on the criteria stated above by Vinnova's appointed evaluator.
      3. Selected project may be interviewed.
      4. Vinnova makes decisions about which project are to be financed and decisions are communicated to applicant.

      Vinnova strives to achieve a certain spread of the challenge area and size of the granted projects and reserves the right to apply a portfolio approach to granted project.

    • About our decisions

      After a decision, Vinnova sends a message via e-mail to the coordinator for each proposal with notification of approval or rejection. The decision shows how much each party in the project is granted in funding.

      The basis for support appears in the decision and also governs which costs are eligible for support. For applicable support grounds see section 5.

      Our decision to grant or reject a proposal cannot be appealed.

      Term for granted funding

      For granted funding, our general terms and conditions for fundingapply. The terms contain, among other things, rules about project agreements, conditions for payment, follow-up, reporting and utilization of results.

      Current term can be found on our website, along with help to understand and comply with the terms

      Scientific publication must take place with open access in accordance with Vinnova's instructions.

      In addition to our general terms and conditions the following special conditions apply in this call for proposals:

      • With information about the project and with every publication of project results, it must be stated that the work was carried out with support from Vinnova within the program Advanced digitalisation. In English, the name is rendered as Sweden's Innovation Agency. Publication means, for example, publication, regardless of medium, and oral presentations.
      • Coordinator or other representative for the project must, upon invitation from the program manager, participate in relevant events within Advanced digitalisation, and in this way contribute to the spread of knowledge within Swedish industry in accordance with the programme's aim.

      Other instructions:

      • In the event that the project team is not equal, the following instructions apply: In connection with the first progress report, a plan must be attached that explains how a better gender distribution can be achieved during the project period, for example during recruitment or the like. It does not apply within 40/60 for women and men.

      Supplementary special conditions and instructions can be decided for individual project.

      If you do not follow our term, you may be liable for a refund. This also applies if you have been granted funding incorrectly or with too high an amount.

    • This is how you apply

      To apply for funding, you fill in a web-based form in Vinnova's e-service for applications, which you can find via the button Apply here.

      There you also upload the following attachments:

      • Project description that may include a maximum of 10 vertical A4 pages with single-column 12-point text. The project description must follow the template that can be downloaded from the call's website.
      • Project summary in a separate appendix that may cover a maximum of one vertical A4 page. Project summary must be able to be shared with the program's external program council and must therefore not contain confidential or other sensitive information. The project summary is not part of the assessment process. The project summary must follow the template that can be downloaded from the call's webpage.
      • CV attachment with relevant CVs for the project manager and all key personnel. The attachment is expected to include at least one CV per participant. Varje CV may be a maximum of one A4 page with 12-point text. The CV attachment must follow the template found further down on this web page.

      Only requested pages and attachments will be assessed. References to web pages will not be considered.

      Keep in mind that it takes time to make a proposal. You can start filling in information, save and continue at a later time. When proposal is ready, you mark it as done. You can unlock proposal and make changes at any time, right up until the last application date.

      Mark proposal ready in good time before the call for proposals closes.

      When the call for proposals has closed and proposal has been registered with Vinnova, a confirmation will be sent out by e-mail to you who are responsible for the user account, project manager and company signatory/prefect. It may take a few hours before you receive the email.

      If you have not received a confirmation by e-mail within 24 hours after the call for proposals has closed, please contact us.

      When the application period has expired, proposal can only be completed upon request from us.

    How to apply

    To apply for funding, you need to log in and complete an application form in our eServices portal. The application form contains questions about your project, the participants taking part in the project and your budget. 

    Download document templates for your attachments

    Plesae download the templates for the documents you need to attach to your application such as a CV or project description.

    Please allow enough time

    Please keep in mind that it takes time to complete an application. Filling in the templates can take several days, since they're based on analyses you need to do. Therefore, start the application well in advance. You can start filling in your details, then save and continue at a later time.

    When you've completed your application, please mark it as done ("klar"). You can unlock and make changes to your application at any time until the call closes. If you unlock your application, you must mark it as done ("klarmarkera") if you want the application registered when the call closes. 

    Any questions?

    For questions about the call for proposals, contact

    Tove Jaensson


    +46 8 473 30 57

    Julia Engström


    +46 8 473 30 12

    Sanna Edlund


    +46 8 473 31 63

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