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Agenda 2030 as a driving force for innovation

Agenda 2030 is a framework for sustainable development adopted by the UN member states in 2015. By joining forces around 17 global objective, the countries must by 2030 have eradicated poverty and hunger, realized human rights for all, achieved gender equality and created lasting protection for our the planet and our natural resources.

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Here you can read about how Vinnova works to enable innovation that will contribute to solving today's societal challenges.

Graphic image with the UN's 17 global sustainability goals

Common objective for sustainable development

Agenda 2030 is the world's largest order, which everyone can and is expected to contribute to implementing. For the first time, the world has common objective for sustainable development. The goals are integrated and indivisible. This means that the goals interact and that forces need to be mobilized in all 17 areas to succeed. It also means that everyone needs to take into account both economic growth, social inclusion and long-term protection of the environment in everything that is done to achieve the goals.

"When other countries reduce their efforts for global sustainability
Sweden is increasing them. We will be at the forefront of Agenda 2030. "

Stefan Löfven, Government Declaration 2019

Sweden's ambition is to be a leader in the implementation of Agenda 2030. The implementation is a joint journey where collaboration, effort and innovation will be crucial to meet the complex challenges and achieve the goals. Agenda 2030 both drives and presupposes innovation.

This is how Vinnova contributes to Agenda 2030

Vinnova has the task of promoting sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation. Improved conditions for innovation strengthen the capacity to achieve the goals in Agenda 2030. Through our efforts, we can therefore contribute to the global commitment to achieve the goals.

In the long run, Agenda 2030 will permeate our activities and form the basis for, for example, which initiatives we carry out, which project we finance and how we follow them up.

We want to contribute to a transformation where all actors work together to achieve the goals in Agenda 2030. Therefore, we promote and stimulate collaborations between politics, public organizations, academia, business and civil society. Through initiatives in research and innovation, we get more people to collaboratively develop their innovative capacity and create new solutions. In addition, we work to promote Swedish participation in Horizon 2020, the European program for research and innovation, with opportunities to participate in international project relevant to the sustainability goals.

We want to ensure that sustainable innovations benefit society. Therefore, our efforts also promote policy development in both the private and public sectors.

We recognize that gender equality is one of our most powerful tools for achieving the goals of Agenda 2030. Therefore, we work to ensure that our activities contribute to women and men having the same power to shape society and their own lives.

Gender innovation - so driving to equal project

We fund innovation that contributes to thegoals

When you apply for funding from Vinnova, we often ask you to explain how your project or innovation will contribute to the goals in Agenda 2030. Our expectations for the project's funding depend on the specific aim and conditions of each call and are stated in the call text. It usually affects your funding and is an integral part of your reporting.

All project we finance state their expected funding for specific sub-goals in Agenda 2030 in connection with the submission of the first report. We have selected and adapted the sub-goals that we - within the framework of our assignment and as a public authority - have the opportunity to influence through the project we finance.


If you have questions about Vinnova's work with Agenda 2030, you are welcome to contact us.

Luisa Monse

Operational Development Manager

Last updated 16 September 2021

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