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Troubleshooting as a Service

Reference number
Coordinator Mavenoid AB - Mavenoid Kista
Funding from Vinnova SEK 300 000
Project duration March 2017 - August 2017
Status Completed
Venture Innovative Startups

Important results from the project

The purpose of this project was to define a new model for how organizations troubleshoot machines, augmenting human knowledge and perception with artificial intelligence and sensor data. To this end, we built a web-based troubleshooting system that is as easy to use as email. We did this in close collaboration with two large industrial organizations. The system has users and is live at A demo can be requested at

Expected long term effects

As a result of the project, we signed a co-funded pilot project with one of the largest industrial organizations in Sweden to continue to develop the platform and build an application on top of it for troubleshooting one of their high-volume products. To achieve this we demonstrated that we can (a) deploy a version 1 in 48 hours instead of weeks/months and (b) reduce downtime by more than 80 %.

Approach and implementation

The execution had three overlapping phases: First, we designed and developed a web-based prototype. Second, we met with 20+ organizations and turned our prototype into two solutions for two separate organizations. Third, we significantly changed our business model in response to the feedback we received, e.g. switching to a software-as-a service model.

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