Tangar - Full scale test

Reference number 2018-03197
Coordinator Tangar Technologies AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 894 600
Project duration November 2018 - August 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Innovative Startups
Call Innovative Startups Step 2 autumn 2018

Purpose and goal

Tangar use Step 2 to conduct a full-scale test and work to overcome the company´s biggest technical risk. When the company succeeds in this, Tangar´s technology will be compatible with all modern smartphones. Vinnova´s support in Step 2 gives Tangar the opportunity to prove its technology, something that is important for the company´s continued growth.

Expected results and effects

After a successful project Tangar has proven its technology and gained valuable information during the user test, and strengthened its cooperation with its partners. A successful full-scale test opens up for greater external funding, which is needed to reach Tangar´s high-growth growth targets.

Planned approach and implementation

Main activities: 1. 3D scanning. Creates a point cloud of a larger store. 2. Product data. The next step is to fill the point cloud with searchable product data. 3. Connecting. Develop compatibility with both ARKit and ARCore. 4. Offers. Test product offerings in 3D space (AR). 5. User tests. Two test groups, one smaller group and one larger. 6. Follow-up and compilation of full-scale tests.

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