Prehospital Arena - Collaboration for a prehospital care without mistakes in patient assessment and prioritizing

Reference number 2018-04235
Funding from Vinnova SEK 697 691
Project duration November 2018 - July 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Vision-driven health
Call Health Missions

Purpose and goal

To meet the challenges of prehospital care, e.g. the transition towards more home and primary care in combination with more specialized and centralized care, broad cooperation and a common vision is required - A zero-vision for mistakes in prehospital assessment and prioritization. Prehospital Arena will be the platform that take on the challenges and contributes to put long-term solutions in place with the zero-vision as driving force. The projects purpose and objective are to specify requirements and organization, and propose a business plan, for establishing Prehospital Arena.

Expected results and effects

The project is a pre-study and shall, as a result, deliver input and proposals for an arena´s future organization, forms of cooperation and mission, and identify the requirements and profile of those to lead it long-term. Further it shall clarify how to combine a strong regional presence with good national anchoring and cooperation. As a pre-study, the project has limited effects, apart from providing input to subsequent activities, but in a broader perspective the feasibility study results can have effects on other areas with similar challenges and stakeholder constellations.

Planned approach and implementation

The project is led by Prehospital ICT Arena and divided into 5 work packages (WP); Project management, Vision, Form of cooperation, Evaluation and Business Plan. Each WP is led by an WP leader, and these together with the project manager are project management. Workshops within and between work packages play an important role in the project and to achieve the project goals. As the project time is calendar-wise short, a lot of work is done in parallel. At the end of the project, the results of all WP except project management shall be weighed together to act as basis for a step 2 application.

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