Mobilization against malignant melanoma

Reference number 2018-04229
Coordinator NETDOKTOR.SE AB - Bonnier Healthcare Sweden
Funding from Vinnova SEK 786 200
Project duration November 2018 - July 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Vision-driven health
Call Health Missions

Purpose and goal

Malignant melanoma causes 500 deaths every year and is the cancer form in Sweden that are increasing the most. In most cases, however, the disease is preventable. We want to strengthen individuals´ knowledge about and ability to prevent the disease. And if it still accure, we want to enable the individual get to access the right competens in time to prevent the disease from becoming serious.

Expected results and effects

By combining forces we will halve the number of malignant melanomas that are thick (T2-4) or metastatic (spread) during diagnosis until 2025.

Planned approach and implementation

We plan to use the next eight months to invite additional stakeholders to join us in the project and to establish the vision and forms for cooperation based on the dialogue with them. We will meet at four different occasions to workshop on how the projekt will progress and what forms of internal communication we will use to be as effective as possible.

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Mobilisering mot malignt melanom

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