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Winners challenge systems around sensitive data

Published: 13 April 2022

The entries in the Winter innovation competition show what is possible when sensitive data is made available for innovation. On April 6, 2022, the winners were announced. Vinter shows the possibilities, but also points to the obstacles and why it is important to continue to challenge data sharing systems.

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On April 6, winners were named in the two competition categories infrastructure and service in connection with the final of the innovation competition Winter – innovation with sensitive data. A pilot initiative that Vinnova ran for almost a year.

The winning solutions in the service and infrastructure categories

Arctic Med Tech AB won in the service category for its AI solution that makes it possible to analyze and predict the need for insulin and carbohydrates based on level of effort. For the user, the result is visualized in real time, in a sports watch.

"A service that encourages behavioral change and gives freedom to many living with diabetes", according to the jury's justification.

In the infrastructure category, the RISE research institute won with the Encrypted Health AI solution.

"A solution that gives peace of mind and confidence to both people with diabetes and legislators, protects innovators' algorithms and limits unauthorized sharing or processing of data", according to the jury's justification.

Important lessons learned from the pilot project will be taken forward

An overall aim of the pilot initiative has been to find solutions so that sensitive data can be shared and used in a secure manner. The challenge is that sensitive data is often locked in different data systems that cannot communicate with each other.

Cassandra Marshall, who is project managing the work from Vinnova's side, thinks there are many interesting results to take forward.

With the pilot, we show that we can find ways to make health data available for innovation. Even if we don't have all the answers yet, we can point to the obstacles, but above all we can show what is possible and show the benefit that can be achieved for, in this case, people with diabetes, their relatives and care, says Cassandra Marshalll. By DOING, we gain insight into the challenges technically, semantically, organizationally and not least legally.
What happens now?

The pilot project is now being evaluated and then a decision will be made about a possible continuation. Within the framework of Winter, the organization Beat Diabetes Foundation organizes IHackforDiabetes, a hackathon in collaboration with Vinnova on May 2-6. The aim is to find solutions so that people with diabetes can live a healthier life.

With #IHackforDiabetes, we are trying another effort to invite innovation. We will capture lessons from that effort and the Winter competition to sharpen our form. Our ambition is to develop innovative ways to collaborate to create better conditions for data-driven innovations with sensitive data. Ultimately, the vision is that those living with diabetes or another disease have the tools they need to live a good life.

The finalists in the innovation competition's two categories:

Infrastructure category:

  • Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan for the solution A future-proof infrastructure for Winter where data can be stored and reused safely.
  • LCubed AB for the solution that proposes services for a scalable infrastructure where data sources and digital services can exchange health data based on the individual's wishes and preferences.
  • RISE AB for the Encrypted Health AI solution – an infrastructure component that, through homomorphic encryption, creates conditions for secure sharing and analysis of sensitive data between users, service providers and healthcare.

Category service:

  • Dianovator AB is nominated for Diact - an AI service that offers a digital analysis of diabetes data for a better match between care needs and care efforts through filtering and sorting based on risk measures and individual analysis.
  • Arctic Med Tech AB is nominated for the position which, with the help of, among other things, AI makes it possible to analyze and predict the need for insulin and carbohydrates based on the level of effort. For the user, the result is visualized in real time, in a sports watch.
  • JAWPEER AB is nominated for App that looks like you - a personal AI service that, by analyzing the user's language and interaction patterns, can encourage, among other things, good health habits.

Read more about Winter:

All competition entries: Link to posters as pdf.

Read more about #IHackForDiabetes:

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