Innovation cooperation between Sweden and Israel

At our Israeli office, we help Swedish actors to find relevant contacts in Israel, and Israeli actors to find relevant contacts in Sweden. Our work in Israel is often based on personal contacts and, together with the Swedish Embassy, we have a network of organisations and people who are interested in collaborating with Sweden.

Our activities in Tel Aviv

Our activities in Israel are mainly focused on the areas of artificial intelligence and cyber security, as well as smart mobility and digital health. But we also work with other areas when possible.

The operation in Israel is based on a governmental assignment whose aim is to increase contacts and cooperation between actors in each country. The goal is both to increase learning and to strengthen research, innovation and business collaborations between Sweden and Israel.

We're also working to create interest in Sweden as an innovation country in Israel, as well as creating interest in Israel as an innovation country in Sweden. We organise some delegation trips and other activities for inspiration, learning and matchmaking. As far as possible, we also support delegation trips that we do not organise ourselves.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or ideas, if you're in Tel Aviv or if you're planning to go here.

Take advantage of our networks

Vinnova has access to several networks and collaborations that you can take advantage of. Together with Business Sweden, RISE, the Swedish embassy in Israel and the Israeli embassy in Sweden, we're involved in the Sweden-Israel Innovation Hub and The Connector. Through The Connector you can find partners for research, development and innovation. The Sweden-Israel Innovation Hub is a project to create a Swedish innovation center in Israel.

The Tel Aviv office is also part of the non-profit Innovation Without Borders, Network, an international innovation council network stationed in Israel. The network provides opportunities for cooperation with other countries, especially the Nordic countries.

How to find us

Vinnova's office in Tel Aviv is located in a co-working space, Mindspace, on the 6th floor of 45 Rothschild Boulevard in central Tel Aviv. Vinnova also has a workplace at Sweden's embassy in Tel Aviv.

Getting to the office from the airport is easiest by taxi. There is an official taxi queue outside Exit 3 in the Arrivals Hall, and there is a fixed price to Tel Aviv. Prices vary between 120 and 170 NIS depending on the day and time, plus 5 NIS per bag. Credit cards are only accepted by certain cars, so tell the taxi driver if you need to pay by card. You can also take trains from the airport and then taxi or bus to the office.

Last updated 20 November 2019

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