We'll help you go global

Whether you want to expand your international activities or take your first international steps, we can help you. We offer networks, knowledge and funding opportunities to companies and startups of all sizes, as well as to the academic and public sector.

Scaling up your international trade and cooperation is a good way to increase your potential and can lead to great gains. In today's world, international collaboration is a must to tackle global and complex challenges.

Get inspired

Our role is to provide and inspire organisations with the right opportunities. We can help you to acquire the right knowledge and structures to get funding, collaborate with others and conduct activities internationally.

<p>Ignite Sweden works for Swedish startup companies to do business with large companies. At the Hannover fair, Swedish startups met with German companies on site.</p>
<p>Meet Vinnova's latest addition in promoting internationalisation and removing obstacles for those who want to scale up their innovation globally.</p>
<p>Soon there are two of the world's most pioneering research facilities in Lund. Read about how they conduct advanced experiments.</p>

Find funding and networks

Our mission is to help Swedish organisations to cooperate and establish themselves internationally. Through our calls and programmes, we create opportunities for Swedish organisations to build networks, acquire knowledge and find funding.

<p>Find calls that are specially aimed at those who work internationally.</p>

Our international offices

Aside from our Stockholm office, you'll also find us in Brussels, Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv. At our Brussels office, we help Swedish researchers and companies gain access to a European network and obtain EU funding. In Silicon Valley, we help Swedish companies benefit from the existing unique innovation climate. In Tel Aviv in Israel, we have an innovation scout who supports Swedish companies and institutions seeking partnerships with Israeli companies.

<p>The Vinnova Silicon Valley Office located at Stanford University is a way for the agency to facilitate connections between the Swedish Innovation System and the ecosystem of Silicon Valley.</p>
<p>At our office in Brussels, we help Swedish researchers and companies get access to a European network and to receive EU funding.</p>
<p>With our network we help you to find relevant contacts in Israel, and Israeli actors to find you.</p>

Last updated 19 November 2019

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