Summary - Impact Analysis of support for strategic development areas in the Swedish manufacturing industry

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VA 2010:07
Vinnova report
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Tomas Åström, Tommy Jansson, Pauline Mattsson, Sven Faugert, Jakob Hellman & Erik Arnold - Faugert & Co Utvärdering AB - Technopolis group
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Product realisation

In order to understand and to be able to learn from the long term impact following from Vinnova’s efforts, impact analyses are performed. In these, the impacts from more than just single programmes are analyzed.

This summary primarily deals with the impacts of five programmes which Vinnova and its forerunner Nutek ran (1996–2009) in the area of product manufacture. The R&D-efforts that are studied can be considered important for the participating companies’ choices and potential to carry out projects for development within product manufacture. The complete study (in Swedish) can be found in the Vinnova publication ”Effektanalys av stöd till strategiska utvecklingsområden för svensk tillverkningsindustri" (Vinnova Rapport/Analys VA 2010: 05).

The programmes have brought about impact of substantial value. Among them we find important ones like increased competitiveness among participating companies, following from new business opportunities and new business. In that context, a development of the companies’ methods and patterns of collaboration has emerged, sometimes radically, not seldom towards open innovation.

The developments of technology and method have mainly taken place within already established, larger corporations. However, the programmes have also generated technology dissemination or spillover, both within and between sectors as well as to small and medium sized enterprises. The efforts have not helped to start many new companies, though.

Impact analyses performed by Vinnova, and commissioned by the Swedish government, are very important since they offer a description and an understanding of the overall and long term impacts following from investments in research, innovation and sustainable growth.

For summary in Swedish see "Sammanfattning - Effektanalys av stöd till strategiska utvecklingsområden för svensk tillverkningsindustri" (Vinnova Rapport/Analys VA 2010:06).

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