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Artificial intelligence in Swedish business and society - summary

Analysis of development and potential.

Book cover Artificial intelligence in Swedish business and society - summary
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VR 2018:09
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There is no clear-cut definition or generally accepted demarcation of artificial intelligence (AI). In this analysis, artificial intelligence is defined as the ability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour. Artificial intelligence also denotes the area of science and technology that aims to study, understand and develop computers and software with intelligent behaviour.

The purpose of this analysis is to identify and analyse:

  • Opportunities in the use of AI within business and public services in Sweden.
  • Development to date of Sweden's use of AI.
  • AI skills for business and public services.

A central part of the analysis is to create an understanding of driving forces, opportunities, obstacles and links between significant factors for AI-based value creation in business and the public sector.

This summary describes Vinnova's assessments and conclusions of the studies, data and expert opinions on which the analysis is based.

For full version in Swedish see Artificiell intelligens i svenskt näringsliv och samhälle (Vinnova Rapport VR 2018:08).

Last updated 15 December 2022

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