Tomography for clean steel

Reference number 2018-04418
Coordinator Swerim AB - Swerim AB, Kista
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration November 2018 - November 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Research infrastructure - utilisation and collaboration
Call Research infrastructure - utilisation and collaboration: Industrial pilot projects for neutron and photon experiments at large scale research infrastructures - 2018

Purpose and goal

Stronger steel lowers structural mass, increases payload and decreases environmental impact. Increased stresses, however, makes the material more sensitive to micro particle impurities and therefore increase demand on corresponding detection technique. Today, slow 2D microscope based techniques are used. The X-ray sources at the new synchrotron facilities gives X-rays of such intensity and quality so that 3D tomography images with relevant resolution can be made within reasonable time. The target is to verify this method with the industrial process development.

Expected results and effects

A better method compared to present for the detection and quantification inclusions in steel. The method should be possible to implement by the steel companies in their quest of development of better products for the manufacturing industry.

Planned approach and implementation

One steel producer, SSAB, and two research institutes, Swerim and Rise, take part in the project. Highly resolved 3-dimensional imaging of some different materials will be recorded using synchrotron light at DESY and evaluated with respect of steel inclusions. Results will be compared with data from conventional testing.

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