The world´s most sustainable health care 2030 - a catalyst for Swedish innovation and export

Reference number
Coordinator Stiftelsen TEM vid Lunds universitet
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 470 000
Project duration November 2018 - September 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Vision-driven health
Call Health Missions

Purpose and goal

Sweden is a world leader in developing sustainable solutions for healthcare. To spread these solutions outside Sweden’s boarders we must find a way to fully use the potential of new innovations and export. Sustainable solutions have mainly been connected to areas such as buildings, transport, hazardous substances and waste. To fully encompass all aspects of sustainable healthcare, Medtech and Life Science must be addressed and explored further. The aim is to create a vision for the most sustainable healthcare in the world by 2030 and a sub-vision for MedTech/Life Science.

Expected results and effects

The outputs from this project will lead to a more coherent view on sustainable healthcare and clarify this interdisciplinary matter. The outputs will also help create a more coherent view on sustainable healthcare in Sweden and in the long run lead to increased export and reduced environmental impact from the healthcare sector. Expected outputs from this project: - An overall vision for sustainable healthcare - A sub-vision for MedTech/Life Science - A guideline on how sustainability can be addressed by startups - A compilation of existing best practice solutions

Planned approach and implementation

To increase the knowledge base and identify best practice companies and solutions the project partners will perform four workshops taking place in different parts of Sweden. The material collected through the workshops will be used to develop both the guideline and the vision for sustainable healthcare. The project group contains actors representing a vast number of organisations, startups and other key stakeholders important for the project’s performance. This project will be coordinated with existing projects performed by project owner or participating organisations.

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