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The Swedish Flagship Factory - communication of results

Reference number
Coordinator IPF - INSTITUTET FÖR PERSONAL- OCH FÖRETAGSUTVEC - IPF - Institutet för Personal- och Företagsutveckling Aktiebolag
Funding from Vinnova SEK 225 000
Project duration February 2017 - December 2017
Status Completed

Important results from the project

The purpose of this project was to communicate findings from ”Flaggskeppsfabriken” - a collaborative study between IF Metall and Teknikföretagen in cooperation with 10 multinational manufacturing ”flagship companies” with production facilities in Sweden. The study identified several strengths in Swedish manufacturing operations, with focus on leadership, organization and competence. This follow-up project has continued the communication of the results from the Flagship study through publications, conference participation and contacts with educational organizations.

Expected long term effects

The findings from the Flagship study have reached a wide range of managers in companies and public sector, and have met with very positive response; ”we take home the ideas”. A forthcoming book chapter in an anthology about the management of digitalization will, hopefully, over time reach many university students of technology and/or business administration, who are likely to become future leaders. Also, the Flagship work method has inspired projects in other sectors, with societal innovations in focus.

Approach and implementation

The activities in the project has included a) communication of the findings from the Flagship study during conferences and leadership seminars, b) contacts with university colleagues and with TeknikCollege about informing teachers about the material, c) a book chapter for university students, d) an English summary, published by Vinnova (2017:06), and e) supporting new projects, where the Flagship work methodology is used to generate knowledge in public sector or NGOs.

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