Test-bed UAV for Surveil-lance of Environment and Environmental Technology

Reference number
Coordinator RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB - SICS EAST SWEDISH ICT AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 10 527 000
Project duration November 2016 - December 2020
Status Ongoing

Purpose and goal

The project aims to create a unique test bed in environmental engineering with an international appeal for the development, certification and training for flying unmanned and sometimes autonomous vehicles (UAVs) together with supporting systems (UAS). The test bed will for example allow for the testing of solutions with small flying sensors to monitor rural production with decreasing need of nutrients and control chemicals or to monitor land on nutrient, bearing capacity in processing, sowing and harvesting and crop development.

Expected results and effects

Cost- and environment savings, as well as: - New business enterprises in environmental engineering - Innovations in agriculture, forestry, urban development, environment protection, energy and transport, as well as in protection against natural events - Development of regulations for UAVs in interaction with users and government agencies - Sweden is increasing its employment and reaching new international markets - Sweden becomes a role model in sustainable development through UAS and increase its international attractiveness and foreign collaborations

Planned approach and implementation

The first stage of the project includes the design of the airport in terms of permits, infrastructure and support functions, as well as development of the mode of operation and a long-term business model. The second stage includes the realization of a number of pilot projects involving government agencies, companies and researchers to test the concept. The test area within Västervik´s airfield contain virtually all types of landscape (except mountains) with various land use and the possibility to establish a permanent restriction area for aviation (R) region around the airport

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Reference number 2016-04248

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