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Reference number 2018-03999
Coordinator GURINGO AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 199 000
Project duration November 2018 - May 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture The strategic innovation programme Bioinnovation
Call BioInnovation Test of hypothesis step 1-2018

Purpose and goal

The goal is to test and demonstrate whether it is possible to - by using Swedish forest and a digital cutting board with a 3D printer head - produce compostable, tailored, garments with a short lifespan in a process that enhances the consumer experience, adds new design elements as well as creates new markets and faster, repeated material flows. We aim to create conditions for circular flows of biobased raw materials that supports both the conversion to a biobased economy and the development of new experience-based, renewable business models for products and services.

Expected results and effects

The project sets out to produce a physical prototype and to test a mechanical process that stresses the value chain for textile products - how and by what the material is being produced, how products actually benefit the consumer and how we can bring the user closer to the producer of the material, the design and the production. The project aims to replace an existing, long and complex value chain for textile production with a consumer-oriented production of custom-made garment produced on demand, without waste and in a material that minimizes adverse effects on our ecological systems.

Planned approach and implementation

We intend to conduct basic research for best material application to print flexible PLA and application of bio-based foam. Practical tests are will be performed to print a mesh for the desired garment. The mesh is then covered with a foamed wood fiber tissue in combination with a bioplastic consisting of 100% eatable substances. During March and April 2019 a prototype will be produced for the process and displayed in public at the end of April 2019. In May 2019 the project will be finalized with an evaluation and a letter of intent for a possible upscaling of the project.

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