Pre-study, Urban Drone Testbed

Reference number 2018-03713
Coordinator Kista Science City AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration November 2018 - June 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture 2018-02414-en
Call 2018-02475-en

Purpose and goal

The pre-study aims at mapping the functions and needs, as well as coordinating the parties necessary to develop a full-scale and realistic implementation application for the construction of an open test bed for large-scale, regular urban traffic services in an urban environment. The goal is to design a new sociotechnical system for the airspace. The preliminary study will also investigate how quadruple helix can be accomplished and how it needs to be designed in order for small and medium-sized companies to benefit from it.

Expected results and effects

The pre-study will clarify how Urban ICT Arena and IQ Community Building, together with the public sector, industry, academy and CSRs, could build an open test bed to enable large-scale, autonomous, regular drone traffic in an urban environment and jointly develop and test infrastructure (hardware and software, regulations, relationships, ownership, business models, etc.) required for this. Once the preliminary study is completed, it will have resulted into a complete and full-scale implementation application.

Planned approach and implementation

The pre-study will define who from the public sector, business, academy and civil society actors that will influence and participate, investigate how co-creation and quadruple helix can be organized at an implementation stage, investigate the benefits and risks with drones in the city, conducting a study trip and reviewing and working on policy issues. The compilation of the preliminary study shall render into an application of implementation. The execution will be coordinated in-house with consultancy support and in collaboration with the surrounding society.

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