Plasma treatment before painting on plastics, Laplas

Reference number
Coordinator RISE IVF AB - Avdelningen för Tillverkning
Funding from Vinnova SEK 4 553 000
Project duration March 2017 - December 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture FFI - Sustainable production
Call 2016-04640-en

Purpose and goal

The aim with plasma as pretreatment before plastic or composite painting is to fully/partly replace the pretreatment steps with a robust and quality assured automated plasma treatment process. This will lead to a reduction in water, cleaning agents, chemicals, scrappage, need of water purification and energy. The result will be evaluated according to technical performance and the companies will evaluate the process in demonstrator cases, industrialization case and sustainability assessment.

Expected results and effects

The main objectives are to receive a: High quality assured process with less scrappage from particles or residuals. Flexible and robotized process. Low space consuming process in the plant. More environmentally friendly process with no/low need of chemicals and lower energy consumption Good working environment and robotized. Relevant industrialization and implementation cases

Planned approach and implementation

In summary, the project is planning to: Get a better understanding of the pre treatment processes used today, contamination, requirements and methods. Get a deeper understanding of needed chemistry of the surface to improve bonding with paint and how this can be performed with plasma. Evaluate the effect of different plasma processes and correlate the effect with methods used today. Develop improved plasma processes. Technical demonstrators and prepare for implementation through industrialisation work and a sustainability assessment study.

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