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Reference number
Coordinator BROGREN INDUSTRIES AB - Brogren Industries
Funding from Vinnova SEK 325 000
Project duration December 2018 - August 2019
Status Completed

Important results from the project

The manufacturing of vanes at Brogrens consists of sheet metal forming, laser cutting, machining of the edges and laser welding against surrounding sheet metal parts. Laser Cutting introduces a recastlayer which is removed by machinng the edges. By replacing the laser cutting with microwater cutting, it is possible to reduce this zone and thus the need to mill away as much material at the edges. The aim was to investigate whether it is possible to replace laser cutting with microwater cutting.

Expected long term effects

Analysis of the microstructure shows that microwater cutting does not adversely affect the microstructure compared to laser cutting. This means that Brogrens can replace laser cutting with microwater cutting. The expected effect is that the material removal of subsequent machining will be reduced from 1.50 mm to 0.25 mm. Brogren Industries has therefore bought a machine for microwater cutting of Finepart which will replace laser cutting in the manufacture of vanes.

Approach and implementation

Brogrens Industries produced 5 prepared sample plates in Haynes 282 Mtrl, 4 welded + microwatercut and a test piece that was only microwatered. The test pieces were then sent to Element Metech AB, which carried out the analysis of microstructure using microscopes. Measurements with SEM showed that all sample pieces were free of micro-cracks. The measurements are described in an internal report by Element Metech AB which was sent to Brogren Industries.

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Last updated 27 November 2018

Reference number 2018-04796

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