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Reference number
Coordinator Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB - Avd R&D
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 000 000
Project duration June 2009 - December 2012
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

The integrated holistic environment approach of model-driven development in the OPENPROD project generalizes model-driven approaches to include most aspects of product development, thus significantly increasing the effectiveness of the process. Key aspects of the project: - A holistic whole-product model-driven rapid development and design environment for both software and hardware, also including support for product business processes. - Open source tools and components for open reusable solutions. - Standardized model representation of products primarily based on Modelica and UML.

Results and expected effects

Impact: Significant improvement of the competitiveness of whole-product systems engineering. Proactive dissemination through Open Source Modelica Consortium, SCILAB consortium, project partners, conferences, courses., etc. The large proportion of open-source results makes the treshold low for commercial exploitation of these results, especially for SMEs. Results: A whole-product model-driven open modeling/simulation/development and design environment: - Integrated model-driven Modelica-UML-Eclipse-based environment with unified model representation to address SW/HW modeling (e.g. mechatronic applications and embedded software), distributed business processes. Product optimization and sensitivity analysis. - Precise requirements capture and traceability based on behavior trees integrated with Modelica/UML in Eclipse; ontology-based generic 2D/3D graphic modeling and database coupling. - Ontology mapping framework for linking design system models and Modelica based simulation models. Semantic, ontology based representation of the Modelica language. Enhanced OpenModelica model compiler with innovations and vendor specific tool additions: - Model compiler for extended full Modelica, including Eclipse Ecore based UML subset and language enhancements for modularity, aspect orientation - Model portability and system safety based on precise model semantics and stronger type checking. Real-time tool interoperability through OPC and TLM-based co-simulation. - Efficient execution based on parallel multi-core code generation and simulation, also for real-time multi-core platforms; Advanced industrial application demonstrators and vendor tools: - Vendor M&S and in-house tools: NX/TeamCenter and Comos (Siemens), Imagine.Lab (LMS), MathModelica (MathCore), IDA Simulation (Equa), BEAST (SKF), D&C Engine (BR), sensitivity analyzer (Appedge). - Demonstrators: Energy and power systems (Siemens, EDF), Mechanical/Mechatronics (SKF, Siemens, MaCo, BR), Building and tunnel applications (Equa), Combustion engine and vehicle (IFP), Automotive (PSA). - Simulations of business processes, with improvement and training of product development processes (Nokia), managing networked investment projects (Pöyry), and effective service processes models (Metso).

Approach and implementation

Sune Horkeby, Siemens Industrial Turbines AB, is industrial and overall coordinator for OPENPROD Peter Fritzson, Linköpings universitet, is scientific coordinator for OPENPROD. The Executive Committee (EC) will have the overall responsibility for the technical, financial, administrative, and legal and dissemination aspects of the Project. The EC will be composed of the Project Coordinator, the Scientific Manager, the Work Package Leaders, and the National Coordinators. It will be chaired by the Coordinator. OPENPROD contains the following work packages: - WP1 Management, dissemination, and exploitation (WP leader SiemensTu) - WP2 Model-driven development environment (WP leader VTT) - WP3 Model Compiler Frontend and Middle-end (WP leader LIU) - WP4 Code generation and simulation/solver run-time (WP leader MaCo) - WP5 Interoperability (WP leader SKF) - WP6 Demonstrators (WP leader IFP) The project will run over 3 years.

The project description has been provided by the project members themselves and the text has not been looked at by our editors.

Last updated 25 November 2019

Reference number 2009-01066

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