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Improved resource efficiency through dynamic loading control

Reference number
Coordinator Luleå tekniska universitet - Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser
Funding from Vinnova SEK 4 800 000
Project duration July 2014 - July 2020
Status Completed
Venture The strategic innovation programme for Swedish mining and metal producing industry - SIP Swedish Mining Innovation

Purpose and goal

The purpose and goal of Dynamic Loading was to improve the loading and economy of mining with sublevel caving so that the completion of each ring can be done at an optimal time. An important result from the project is a new control model that has been introduced for loading control in LKAB´s Kiirunavaara mine. By reducing the number of early closed rings, the ore extraction and the gain per levels increase and by reducing the number of rings closed to late, the waste rock extraction and thus the costs of handling it is reduced.

Expected results and effects

With the exception of the overall objectives, the project has; Created a deeper understanding of loading in sub-level caving mines Created a deeper understanding of gravity flow and flow variations Developed a probabilistic model for variations in gravity flow Developed an economic on-line model for forecasting ring economy during loading Developed a control model for optimization loading in sub-level caving Generated 4 scientific papers and 2 conference papers Generated one licentiate dissertation and one doctoral dissertation

Planned approach and implementation

Dynamic Loading has addressed an industrial problem area that has previously been the subject of extensive research. The project did, based on measurement data collected during more than 10 years of production, develop advanced statistical and economic models to solve and optimize a classic mining engineering problem. The developed solution is today used for loading control in LKAB´s Kiirunavaara mine. However, the development of the industrial application has been more time and resource consuming than anticipated, which has led to both delays and cost increases.

The project description has been provided by the project members themselves and the text has not been looked at by our editors.

Last updated 31 August 2020

Reference number 2014-01802

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