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iHubs Sweden

Reference number
Coordinator PEAK REGION AB - Peak Region Science Park AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 200 000
Project duration May 2017 - December 2018
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

- Mapping, analyzing and evaluating the offers and functions that have been built up so far within today´s Vinnväxtinitiatives, as part of system and international changes. - Discuss and formulate ways to further develop offers and functions, based on the increasingly difficult challenges and needs that are emerging. - Try and evaluate the conditions for a national collaboration platform for the Vinnväxtinitiatives, and similar actors who, together and in the long term, want to strengthen and accelerate the initiatives´ individual and common role in these larger systems.

Expected effects and result

iHubs Sweden can be a tool that can establish long-term competitive strength areas and actors, and help individual actors, constellations and places to focus on new levels of progressivity and dynamism. A web page with very active news flow linked to the Vinnväxt initiatives has been created. Social media channels have been started and used continuously.

Planned approach and implementation

The project has further developed the characteristic strengths that have been built up through today´s Vinnväxtinitiatives, and strengthened the initiative´s and the program´s contribution and position in the innovation and growth systems. This is through a survey, analyzed and evaluated by the offers and functions that have been built up so far. The project´s conclusion is that this type of "hubs" is a type of actor who in a powerful way complements other actors in terms of the strength areas and their players´ movements towards more long-term sustainable competitiveness.

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