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E9010 Location Based Shopping as a Service-LBSaaS

Reference number
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 333 000
Project duration October 2014 - October 2016
Status Completed
Venture Eurostars

Purpose and goal

LBSaaS´s goal was to develop tools for a business model combining Augmented Reality (AR), gamification and virtual coupons as keys for fostering the relationship between shoppers and shops. This goal was fundamentally reached, as the central functions for this was developed, but the initial idea and commercial ambition had to be adjusted during the project due to unforeseen technical difficulties

Expected effects and result

Key achievements are: 1. Capability to locate a mobile device based on WiFi transmission in accuracy of better than 0.5 meter; 2. Capability to retrieve the WiFi MAC Address of the device for both iOS and Android 6 operating systems, directly from the end user application; 3. Integration of Augmented Reality into the client application, contents are controlled via shop owner application; 4. Integration with Google Analytics to monitor user actions within the app.

Planned approach and implementation

Due to unforeseen technical problems and challenges, the project had to adjust the initial planning and did not reach the ambitious commercial goal set in the beginning. Mainly, more time and resources have been spent on technical development and technical problem solving, than planned. This, in combination with a change of scope (where the new scope still included the fundamental functionality of the idea) implies that some planned activities became obsolete to perform. The collaboration between parters have been strong and successful.

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