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Doctors office diagnostic instrument for detection of M. tuberculosis

Reference number
Coordinator IMEGO Aktiebolag - IMEGO AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 4 515 000
Project duration August 2009 - August 2012
Status Completed

Important results from the project

Doctors office diagnostic instrument for detection of M. tuberculosisM. tuberculosis is still one of the most prevalent causes of infectious disease and is far more common in regions with less developed and disseminated health care. One way to address this problem is to provide diagnostic testing equipment that is cheap, fast and simple to handle. The Swedish side of the project will focus on development of methods and equipment for simplified diagnostics of the acute phase of the disease, when the risk of spreading the infection to healthy individuals is high. The Indian side of the project will develop antibodies and reagents needed for the specific detection of M. tuberculosis.

Expected long term effects

Our vision is to develop a system that will enable diagnostics under field-like conditions and be performed by unskilled personnel. This would substitute conventional microscopic analyses that are normally not available in areas most affected by the disease. An efficient and disseminated diagnostic service, in combination with immediate treatment, has the potential to limit spreading of the disease and on a longer term improving health as well as economy of affected regions

Approach and implementation

The Swedish part of the project, Imego, will initially evaluate two alternative strategies for bacterial detection; both based on antibody mediated fluorescent labeling of bacteria. The most promising detection strategy will be selected for further development, including construction of a prototype diagnostic instrument. In parallel with the work of Imego, the Indian partner at University of Delhi will develop antibodies to selectively identify M. tuberculosis, the causing agent of tuberculosis.

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Reference number 2009-00418

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