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Digital transformation of school admninistration

Reference number
Coordinator imCode Partner AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 499 300
Project duration April 2018 - December 2018
Status Completed
Venture Challenge-Driven Innovation – Stage 1 initiation

Purpose and goal

The goal of the VINNOVA project "Digitalization of Administrative Processes in School" (DAPS) was to create an evolving business and technical development model for the existing iVIS-system (see below). We have achieved this with successful results. iVIS is a database created in a VINNOVA funding 2015 and aims at increasing the rate of development in school digitization, increase the possibilities for innovation and shift control over school information from suppliers to school stakeholders. This means that the school would get direct and complete control over its own information.

Expected effects and result

iVIS changed to iVIS (QDB Quality DataBase) - a platform for systematic quality monitoring. By collecting data from other systems, uniforming data and creating reports where different key ratios can be tracked over time, we provide a good basis for quality work. We can provide school management and government agencies with different types of statistics and reports, deliver data openly to other vendor services, and are the hub of an upcoming ecosystem of information. We give the school access to its own information and we open for smart (sometimes AI-based) services in the school world.

Planned approach and implementation

During the DAPS project, we have changed our starting point for the business model. We conducted analyzes with companies, organizations and municipalities that showed that the difficulties with the intended business model were too large. We then received the proposal to let iVIS be a starting point for systematic quality work. Our participation in SKL´s infrastructure group also indicated that the digital support for systematic quality development was a subordinated area. This led to a sharp turnaround in the work which resulted in a new business model for iVIS - iVIS QDB.

The project description has been provided by the project members themselves and the text has not been looked at by our editors.

Last updated 20 December 2018

Reference number 2018-00331

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