Development and adaptation of Nano Control´s particle separator for the construction industry

Reference number 2018-04532
Funding from Vinnova SEK 300 000
Project duration December 2018 - May 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Bygginnovationen 2011-2018
Call 2015-06960-en

Purpose and goal

Our aim is to carry out the project together with a potential end customer, such as SKANSKA or other end users of industrial vacuum cleaners in the construction industry, to be able to land a contract of a large number of industrial vacuum cleaners from a major company in the construction industry. This creates the prerequisites for starting a larger custom manufacturing plant of an industrial product in Sweden and internationally.

Expected results and effects

In 2017, we have built an interest in SKANSKA to continue evaluating a smaller variant of Nano Controls´ technology. There are good opportunities for further evaluation and adaptation of this new variant of the separator at their plant in Kalmar during December 2018-May 2019. A joint project with the separator (smaller variant) increases the chances of getting SKANSKA or other players in the construction industry of becoming potential end customers of our product.

Planned approach and implementation

Nano Control will manufacture a smaller variant of the separator that SKANSKA wishes to evaluate in various sectors in, for example, renovation, demolition, grinding, drilling, polishing, etc. After this, the prototype is tested, optimized and evaluated in these environments, for shorter or longer test periods. After the test period we will evaluate the final results and compare them with the results of the traditional industrial vacuum cleaners, which SKANSKA uses today. After that, we hope that we will be in a situation where SKANSKA wants to make an order for a larger series.

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