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Reference number
Coordinator MALMÖ KOMMUN - Miljöförvaltningen
Funding from Vinnova SEK 6 494 020
Project duration November 2015 - July 2018
Status Completed
Venture Challengedriven innovation - Phase 3 Implementation

Purpose and goal

The overall aim of the project was to produce new products, services and processes to create green and healthy cities with high biodiversity. Approximately 20 products have been created, mostly thorugh the cases that have been built by developers and a real estate concern. The products are new and innovative. Solutions and products from earlier project stages have been evealuated and the results from all stages have been communicated through a wide array of canals.

Expected effects and result

We, the consortium, are extremely happy with our results; the products and solutions as well as the evaluation and communication. We see that the project has effects through raising the knowledge level regarding urban biodiversity in the built environment. Both as good exemples and best practise through technical visits and seminars, and at a deeper level among the partners. Low knowledge levels among developers and other key stakeholders are identified as the largest barrier against prioritizing urban biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Planned approach and implementation

The core of the project has been development and testing of bluegreen solutions in real cases. Evaluation and research, and communication have had the cases as a base. Our view is that the demand for such products as have been created within the project, is still low, although in steep rise. It has therefore not been possible to start at another end by offering readymade products om the market. BiodiverCitys arrangement has created good exemples and raise the knowledge level in parts of the industry.

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