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Press release

Research and innovation for competitiveness and a sustainable future

Published: 6 November 2023

Ambitious investments in research and innovation are needed for Sweden to be competitive in the future and to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. This is what Vinnova writes in its contribution to the government's research policy bill and proposes strategic investments for business climate change, national security, life science and pioneering technology.

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Vinnova has submitted its input to the government's research and innovation policy bill, which is based on an analysis that shows important needs.

Vinnova proposes that Sweden's total investments in research and innovation increase to at least four percent of GDP until 2030. This is made possible by an increase in public investments corresponding to one percent of GDP until the year 2028 and then reaching 1.2 percent within a couple of years.

- The world is facing a massive transformation, where old technology must be replaced by modern, climate-smart solutions. Countries that invest in innovation, development and high-tech production are winners. Sweden needs to switch up the investments in research and innovation both in order to be competitive and to be able to meet important societal challenges, says Darja Isaksson director general of Vinnova.

Vinnova proposes a national technology and innovation strategy, acceleration of development in important areas, investments in cutting-edge technology, streamlining of support systems for research and innovation, stronger international connections and strengthened use of research and technology infrastructure.

Here you can read about some of the proposals:

Business climate change

The international competitiveness of business will increasingly be determined by the ability to create innovations, goods, services and systems with better climate performance than existing solutions. There is a great need to invest in applied research and innovation. Vinnova proposes that the government increase funding for the next generation strategic innovation program, Impact innovation, by SEK 1.5 billion per year from 2028 for accelerated green and digital transformation, sustainable production and advanced and critical materials.

National security

Innovation is needed to strengthen Sweden's security. Military applications are increasingly based on civilian developed technologies. Vinnova proposes that the government commissions the Armed Forces and Vinnova to further develop and scale up the innovation program for civil-military synergies that starts in 2024.

Life science and health

A strengthened life science sector is important for Sweden's competitiveness, business development and society's resilience. An important area is precision medicine, that is, individual-based care and treatment that can be tailored to individual patients' conditions and needs. Vinnova proposes, among other things, a national coordination of public investments in precision medicine in accordance with the government's life science strategy.

Future-proof society and efficient welfare systems

Swedish society has several challenges with climate change, gang violence, terrorist threats, increased inequality and demographic challenges. Innovations are needed that make it possible to remove vulnerability in society-supporting systems, functions and structures. Vinnova proposes collaboration to realize city contracts for climate change, a programme for innovation in the public sector for, among other things, increased AI capacity and a gathering of forces in the Swedish food system.

Cutting edge technology and deeptech companies

Cutting-edge technologies such as synthetic biology, biotechnology, quantum technology, advanced materials and general AI are essential for transformation and competitiveness. Vinnova proposes national flagship programs for research and innovation in cutting-edge technology and a national programme for support to strategically important deeptech companies.

Read Vinnova's entire input and analysis appendix

Facts about Vinnova's contribution to the research policy proposal

Vinnova has been tasked with analyzing and submitting proposals for the upcoming research and innovation policy bill, which the government plans to submit to the Riksdag in 2024, and which sets the direction for research and innovation policy in the coming years. It complements the joint documentation that Vinnova has submitted together with the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Energy Agency, Forte, Formas and the Swedish Space Agency.


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