52 million for innovation in SMEs

Published: 26 March 2020

35 innovation projects in small and medium-sized companies receive funding from Vinnova with a total of SEK 52 million.

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It is about funding for research and development projects with great commercial potential, which can also contribute to the global sustainability goals of Agenda 2030.

The support is given in the early stages where the risk is high and where the companies therefore often find it difficult to obtain private venture capital.

Examples of project receiving funding:

  • TEXEL Energy Storage AB, a new battery technology for cost-effective energy storage including renewable energy, in the aim to replace fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Combain Mobile AB, an innovative self-learning global system for indoor navigation and characterization of buildings for increased security and efficiency.
  • Alltinget AB, an online tool that makes it easy to follow the EU legislative process, with the aim of increasing the level of information and influence of Swedish social actors.
  • Hiloprobe AB, a clinically validated product, provides the opportunity for improved diagnosis and prognosis for colorectal cancer patients
  • UMV Coating Systems AB, surface treatment technology that allows for fibrillated cellulose that can replace plastic in packaging.

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