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Press release

New effort on vision-driven innovation environments in life science

Published: 20 November 2019

Vinnova is investing in establishing five vision-driven innovation environments to meet important health challenges. These include zero vision for malnutrition in the elderly, elimination of cancer as a cause of death and counteracting antibiotic resistance.

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The environments will work long-term with a combination of different types of efforts to meet complex health challenges and bring about change at the system level. Within each innovation environment, both public and private actors around a common vision and competence tied to the environment as needed.

- It is a national force gathering to meet challenges that require new forms of collaboration and innovation at the system level. The zero vision in traffic is a role model for this approach. The innovation environments are established in areas where Sweden has great potential to make a difference, says Jakob Hellman, acting head of division health at Vinnova.

Vinnova plans to provide funding innovation funding with a total of SEK 125 million over five years, of which 50 million has now been decided for the first two years. The goal is for these collaborations to continue even after Vinnova's funding ceases.

The five funding that receive funding:

Zero vision for malnutrition in the elderly

The vision is that no the elderly in Sweden will be malnourished in 2030. Today, the organizations around the elderly cooperating enough to identify and address the risk of malnutrition early. Through innovation and cross-sectoral collaboration, a model will be created for a functioning ecosystem with the elderly at its center.
Coordinator: Skåne's Food Academy

An antibiotic smart Sweden

A collaborative environment will be established that provides antibiotic-smart residents, municipalities, regions and international collaborations that contribute to the work against antibiotic resistance. The work includes measures to reduce the spread of infection, development of treatment methods and responsible use of antibiotics.
Coordinator: Public Health Authority

Zero vision cancer

The vision is to eliminate cancer as a cause of death and to transform cancer into a curable or chronic disease in Sweden and globally. Sweden will become a leader in preventive work, discovery, diagnostics, treatment and organization for patient-centered follow-up.
Coordinator: Sveriges Kommuner and Landsting

Information-driven healthcare through AI application

The vision is that Sweden will offer information-driven, individualized and scalable healthcare through AI application in collaboration with public, private and academic parties. Caregivers and others who participate are linked to the national collaboration platform AI Innovation of Sweden.
Coordinator: Lindholmen Science Park

Sweden's leader in advanced therapies in 2030

The vision is for Sweden to become a world leader in the development and availability of advanced therapies such as gene therapy and cell therapy to cure patients, by pooling across sector boundaries and pursuing efforts aimed at solving the challenges that slow development.
Coordinator: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


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