How can the public sector meet tomorrow's societal challenges?

The public sector in Sweden and the world is facing major changes and has a key role in the work of meeting tomorrow's societal challenges. Vinnova is now putting further focus on investments for sustainable innovation in public activities.

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What fundamental changes do we need to make in order for the publicly funded business to function sustainably? What skills will be needed? What is the business's view of systems perspective, control and digital technology? And what can we as citizens do to contribute?

These are issues that will be of crucial importance in strengthening Sweden's innovation climate. We need to reconsider the basis of our approach in several areas.

Since 2012, Vinnova has implemented a number of targeted initiatives to strengthen the power of innovation in the public sector. Initiatives where we now put further focus on sustainable innovation.

Take a look at our report on the importance of the power of innovation in the public sector.

This is how we invest in innovations in public activities

Vinnova works with several initiatives that concern how publicly funded activities can meet societal challenges and drive development towards a sustainable future. Below you see examples of financing and events where we invest.

<p>Innovation work at Swedish government agencies is at an exciting stage. More and more agencies realise that working with innovation is necessary for them to play an important role in the future.</p>
<p>How do we take advantage of the innovative power of employees in the public sector to meet societal challenges? Ideas in municipalities are one way.</p>
<p>The public business is an important market for companies and organizations and an opportunity to demand and encourage innovative solutions in line with Agenda 2030.</p>
<p>Listen to a section on what the transition to a climate-neutral society demands with Svante Axelsson, Fossilfritt Sverige, Malin Ljung Eiborn, sustainability manager Billerud Korsn&auml;s, community debater Anders Wijkman and Darja Isaksson.</p>
<p>Authorities need to both act innovatively and at the same time encourage others to innovate and renew. How can a public authority strengthen its own and others' innovative capacity?</p>

The public sector is needed in innovation projects

In several of our offers, we target project groups where public actors are important partners. In order to drive the societal change required to achieve sustainable development, the public sector is an important and often fundamental player. Below we list examples of current funding where we turn to the public sector.

Funding for actors in the public sector


The global sustainability goals as a driving force

Innovation and sustainable development are linked. How can we be helped to steer societal development towards the UN's global sustainability goal Agenda 2030?

Last updated 28 September 2020

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