The strategic innovation programme for the Internet of Things

Internet of Things Sweden is a national drive for Sweden to become a leader in the use of the Internet of Things. Focus lies on solving societal challenges. This occurs in collaboration between local authorities, companies and researchers. The following is a list of the current offers within the strategic innovation programme for the Internet of Things.

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Connected devices create increased wellbeing

The Internet of Things is a collective term for the development of equipping machines, vehicles, goods, domestic appliances, clothing and other things with integrated sensors and computers.
The area can create increased wellbeing through rationalisation and innovations in different industries. It is calculated that there will be 50 billion devices connected around the world by 2020.

Our objectives

The vision of the strategic innovation programme, Internet of Things Sweden, is that the public sector and Swedish industry should be the best in the world at exploiting the advantages of the Internet of Things.


  • Sweden must increase its use of the Internet of Things to increase global competitiveness.
  • Sweden must be a leading nation within selected industries within the Internet of Things, for example health, wellbeing and sport.
  • Sweden must effectively use innovation, research, applied research and prototypes to develop products and services with the Internet of Things.
  • Sweden must develop, focus and coordinate its operations within the Internet of Things to the benefit of users.

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Closed for application

Closed 30 September 2020

IoT for innovative social benefits and a better life for everyone in a connected world

Closed 30 September 2020

This call is looking for projects with ideas on how the Internet of Things (IoT) can be used in the public sector to achieve a higher quality of life for people in Sweden. The purpose of the call is to improve the conditions for and the ability of the public sector to use IoT.

Closed 13 March 2018

Internet of Things för innovativ samhällsutveckling 2018

Closed 13 March 2018

Finansiering av projekt där sakernas internet används för att lösa de problem som finns hos offentliga organisationer, som kommuner och landsting.


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