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Innovative Impact Startups autumn 2023

In this offer, we want to support companies that not only work with sustainability responsibly, but where the entire business idea is to contribute to solving a global societal challenge. Are you a newly started innovative limited company whose business offer aims to create measurable positive effects on any of the global societal challenges? If your business model is also scalable, the offer innovative impact startups can be something for you.

This web page has been machine translated. If there are any uncertainties, please refer to the Swedish text.

The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

Develop prototypes, develop the business model and sustainability strategies, verify customer benefit and willingness to pay, build customer relationships, develop partnerships and create strategies to protect the company´s new solution.

Who can apply?

Small, newly started limited companies that are younger than five years, have an annual turnover of less than SEK 2 million and have not distributed profits. The company´s business idea is to contribute to solving a global societal challenge.

How much can you apply for?

In this call you can apply for a maximum of SEK 300,000.

Important dates

  • FAQ about the call for proposals Innovativa Impact Startups

    We recommend all our applicant to read the announcement text before applying. Here are answers to the most common questions about the call for proposals.

    Is our idea suitable for applying funding in the call for proposals?

    There are no formal restrictions on the type of project or in which sector we finance. We assess how well the description of the project in proposal meets the assessment criteria in the call text. We are generally looking for project that have a high market potential, a sustainable and credible business idea that contributes to creating positive social effects, and with a team that has the right skills and composition to be able to realize the project. The project must also have such a high risk that no one else on the market is prepared to invest in it.

    What does "impact" mean?

    The company's basic idea must be to produce innovations that create measurable and positive social effects in the long term. Tip: Agenda 2030 is a good guideline.

    Can we come to you and tell you about our project?

    No. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide individual project personal advice.

    How do you assess the applications?

    All applications that meet the call's formal eligibility requirements are assessed by at least three specially appointed evaluator. The evaluators are experts in the subject area of the respective application. All evaluator must follow the same rules as employees at Vinnova, which means they have a duty of confidentiality. They are also obliged to report if they are against any proposal.

    The evaluators only review what is written in proposal. All applications are assessed in competition with each other. Innovativa Impact Startups is similar to a competition, where the applications deemed to best meet our criteria are granted funds as long as our budget is sufficient.

    What can we use the grant for?

    Here you will find information on which costs you can use the grant for:

    Instructions for term on eligible costs 2023

    Is it possible to supplement our proposal afterwards?

    If proposal is sent in after 2 pm on August 22, we will not be able to accept it. We do not accept additions to proposal after the call for proposals has closed. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions. Everyone who seeks funding from a state public authority must be given the same conditions. The same rules and deadlines must apply to everyone.

    Who can apply?

    Limited companies that are younger than five years at the time of Vinnova's decision, i.e. be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office no earlier than 26 October 2018. See also other formal eligibility requirements for applicant companies, which are on page 7 of the call text.

    Can we apply with a subsidiary?

    Subsidiaries may apply, but the requirement for a maximum number of employees and net sales and total assets applies to the entire group, i.e. parent company and subsidiary combined. The limitation of two million kroner applies to the companies' total turnover or balance sheet total. Taken together, the group may exceed one of the limit values, but not both; a turnover higher than two million, or assets of more than two million kroner.

    Can I apply if the company is registered abroad?

    Yes, if the company has a Swedish organization number.

    I need help starting a limited company!

    More information is available at To companies from authorities -

    We have just registered a limited company, but have not received the organization number yet. Can we supplement with the organization number afterwards?

    The company's organization number must be entered in proposal. There is thus no possibility to supplement with an organization number afterwards.

    Can we start the project before the decision comes?

    We only grant funding for costs incurred after Vinnova's decision date.

    Can we search in several calls for proposals at the same time?

    There are no formal obstacles to applying for different project in different calls for proposals at the same time, except that applicant companies must not have previously been granted in Innovativa Startups or have an ongoing project in Innovativa Startups.

    However, we do not allow one and the same company to receive funding for different project in the same call for proposals. We also do not allow a company to receive funding for the same project in different calls for proposals from Vinnova or from other public financiers.

    If the company applies in two calls for proposals with two different project, and is granted funds within one of the calls for proposals, proposal is assessed according to the company's capacity to run two project in parallel.

    How is the grant paid out?

    The grant is paid out after the start report has been approved to a bank giro or postal giro that is linked to applicant company.

    How to apply

    To apply for funding, you need to log in and complete an application form in our eServices portal. The application form contains questions about your project, the participants taking part in the project and your budget. 

    Download document templates for your attachments

    Plesae download the templates for the documents you need to attach to your application such as a CV or project description.

    Please allow enough time

    Please keep in mind that it takes time to complete an application. Filling in the templates can take several days, since they're based on analyses you need to do. Therefore, start the application well in advance. You can start filling in your details, then save and continue at a later time.

    When you've completed your application, please mark it as done ("klar"). You can unlock and make changes to your application at any time until the call closes. If you unlock your application, you must mark it as done ("klarmarkera") if you want the application registered when the call closes. 

    This happens when the call for proposals is closed

    When your proposal has been registered, we email a confirmation to the person responsible for the user account as well as to the project manager and the signatory. This may take a few hours after the call for proposals closes. If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours after the call for proposals closes, please contact us.

    When the call for proposals is closed, you cannot change or fill in any new information. Then you can only supplement your proposal if we ask for it.

    Who can read your proposal?

    Applications submitted to us become public documents. But we do not disclose information about the business, inventions or research results if it can be assumed that someone will suffer financial damage if the information is shown.

    This means that we must hand over the documents if someone requests them. But we keep confidential the information that we judge could mean financial damage if it is disclosed.

    This is how we handle public documents and confidentiality

    Any questions?

    Please note that questions about the call for proposals, call text, formal eligibility requirements and the like are only answered via email. Contact

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