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Leadership Mandate Programme

The art of becoming a better centre director

Book cover Leadership Mandate Programme
Series number
VR 2011:06
Elizabeth Neu Morén & Peder Hård af Segerstad
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An attempt to summarise, describe and define the scope of the Leadership Mandate Programme, originally titled UPPDRAG LEDARE. The Programme, in the form of six two-day workshops, was conducted during 2008-2010. Concurrent to the actual Programme, visits were organized to some of the centres represented, as a way of illustrating the themes being covered.

Included in the task of implementing the Leadership Mandate Programme was the job of documenting the Programme in such a way as to be beneficial and provide added value to the participants. The aim was that the documents compiled would also serve as inspiration and a reference source for the new centre directors, and others interested in leadership. The result is this book, originally published in Swedish, and now translated into English in line with Vinnova's mission to promote internationalization.

For Swedish version, see "Uppdrag ledare" (Vinnova Rapport VR 2010:18).

Last updated 15 December 2022

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