Standardization of DTH drilling as a geotechnical survey method

Reference number 2018-04534
Coordinator WSP Sverige AB - WSP Samhällsbyggnad
Funding from Vinnova SEK 144 000
Project duration October 2018 - October 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Bygginnovationen 2011-2014
Call 2015-06960-en

Purpose and goal

Purpose: To develop DTH, down the hole drilling, into a swedish geotechnical standard technique, enhancing quality in difficult and deep conditions. Goal: To implement DTH as a standard method by SGF, Swedish Geological Society and to be the first on the market.

Expected results and effects

Quality improvement: Deeper sounding retrieves better values and, in turn, higher security in evaluation. Hard conditions that reduce quality with top hammer, will be retained with DTH. Environment / Work Environment: The noise level is reduced.Ground impact is reduced. Economy: The total time for deeper / more difficult sounding is likely to be shortened. Material impact / wear and risk of steel failure are reduced. The work is done as a development of the Jb-2 (Soil-Rock) standard. JBS then has possible future implementations in eg Jb-3, but can also be incorporated for BIPS analysis.

Planned approach and implementation

-Additional correlation sounding with top hammer and DTH. Comparison of existing and new, to evaluate differences, positive and negative. -Continuous contact / meetings with SGF regarding implementation plans. -Analysis of existing current descriptions of DTH -Analysis of method parameters -Technical description of new method standard

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