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Solar cells on trucks for environmental friendly transport

Reference number
Coordinator Uppsala universitet - Institutionen för kemi - Ångström
Funding from Vinnova SEK 280 000
Project duration November 2018 - June 2019
Status Completed
Venture Challenge-Driven Innovation – Stage 1 initiation

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project is to develop new systems with modern solar cells on electrical- or hybrid trucks to reduce the emission of carbondioxide from transports, increase the range of the trucks and to balance the electricity grid. In step 1 in the project we have achieved the following goals: 1)We have performed solar energy calculations, which show a high potential for solar cells on trucks. 2)We have developed a solution for the electricity system of the truck and the connection to the solar cells. 3)We have involved more partners and created a platform for step 2.

Expected results and effects

The results from the calculations of the solar energy from solar cells on the trucks show that solar cells on trucks have high potential to reduce the carbondioxide emissions. We have also performed a small test of a few solar panels on a truck and the results show that the solar energy calculations are correct and that the concept works. We expect in step 2 to build a full-scale prototype and to show the function in a system perspective. If this approach would be used in many trucks in the future, the carbondioxide emissions from transports can be significantly reduced.

Planned approach and implementation

In the project, three different partners have collaborated; Uppsala University, Scania and Ernsts Express, to connect research, vehicle industry and end users and to reach the goals. We have had several meetings/workshops to understand each others activities and to reach a common understanding about how a solar cell driven truck can be built and used. The partners in the project have also been responsible to perform different parts of the project. We have in addition involved new participants and partners for step 2. The project organization and implementation has been successful.

The project description has been provided by the project members themselves and the text has not been looked at by our editors.

Last updated 31 October 2018

Reference number 2018-03354

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