SAM Smart Asset Management

Reference number 2018-03349
Funding from Vinnova SEK 9 977 000
Project duration December 2018 - December 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture Challenge-driven innovation - Phase 2 Collaboration
Call Challenge-driven innovation - Stage 2 Collaboration 2018 (autumn)

Purpose and goal

SAM provides energy companies with collaborators horizontally with other colleagues and a vertical innovation process, driven by a cluster of small technology / innovation companies, with new technology and business models. The companies have narrow cutting technology and must interact horizontally (with complementary solutions) as well as vertically (with additional cutting edge technology, eg within IoT and AI). A new innovation and export ecosystem is being built within Sweheat & Cooling.

Expected results and effects

Subsystem solutions tested and verified in prototypes, developed in collaboration between district heating companies and technology suppliers. System model evaluated, confirmed, ready to scale up. Verified prototype for predictive condition analysis, including analysis and decision support, prototype with new mtrl, such as carbon fiber, power management model, end user commitment for real estate part of total optimization, prototype identifying system weak buildings, as well as actions.

Planned approach and implementation

Digitized predictive maintenance, measurement methods, sensors and decision support systems. Hbg, Uppsala, Växjö. Total optimization, from production to customer, its utility and its consequence in increased load on the distribution network. Gävle support from Göteborg /Helsingborg. Selective renovation, using new mtr. Pre-studies and demo inst. Increased utilization of the network through integrated and digitized improvement processes. Gävle, support from Göteborg/Helsingborg.

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