New process for introduction of a medtech treatment method at spasticity clinics

Reference number 2018-03880
Coordinator Inerventions AB, Danderyd - Inerventions AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 644 280
Project duration January 2019 - December 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture Medtech4Health - medicintekniska samverkansprojekt
Call Medtech4Health: Collaboration projects involving medical technology 2018

Purpose and goal

The purpose is to consieve a model for implementing Molli in Clinical practise, a collaboration between Linköping University hospital and Inerventions. The goal is that patients within the given population are offered Mollii as an alternative method of treatment. Distributed thru the spastisityward at Linköping University Hospital. The longterm goal is that this service can be provided free of charge in the same manner as other assistive technologies, such as wheelchairs, are today.

Expected results and effects

The expected effect is that the caregivers means and methods for treatment are expanded to provide a tailormade sollution for the patient. At the end of the project a model for the implementation of medical technology within an established organisation will be presented. This model may then be used to further implement medical technology in Healthcare.

Planned approach and implementation

Projectphases as below: 1. Start of project, establishing points of contact as well as methods of recordkeeping. 2. Mapping of current processes for implementation of new methods of treatment and Medical technology at Linköping University hospital. 3. Educating caregivers on treatment with Mollii. 4. Development of a new method for implementing methods of treatment and medical technology at Linköping University hospital. 5. Implementation of Mollii 6. Analysis and end of the project

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