Reference number
Coordinator Lunds universitet - LU Open
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration January 2013 - December 2013
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

The purpose with the project has been to lay a solid foundation for LUSIC´s functioning as a social innovation hub. Over the course of 2013 LUSIC has 1) created a space at Lund University within the innovation project platform LU Open, 2) built a network of internal and external actors for social innovation, and 3) begun to deliver support for social innovation and social entrepreneurs. Further, we have 4) secured financing from LU and for four projects - a total of 2 MSEK - for our operations for 2014.

Results and expected effects

During 2013 LUSIC has 1) established a working group for research and education on social innovation at LU. We have 2) collaborated with university courses and 3) provided 220h support to 76 individuals in 52 cases and hosted 65 events with 947 visitors. As an effect of this year´s activities we have started a project for a research and innovation agenda, and will during 2014 run a pilot accelerator program for social entrepreneurs and a prestudy for work integrating social innovation hub. LUSIC´s activities also have pushed the agenda for social innovation at LU.

Approach and implementation

LUSIC has worked with four focus areas, defined by the stakeholders who participated at our co-creation workshop in Nov 2012. The areas are support, research, education and community. We have been working with these parallel tracks during the year and have carried out a Social Entrpreneurship Camp, hosted 65 events for 947 visitors, and developed communications through and social media activity. We have also provided workshop and event space through the Black Pearl, an important component of our network building

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