Innovative Sweden

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Coordinator Penny AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 25 000
Project duration October 2012 - December 2012
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

Penny work hard to strengthen its relationships abroad as the company has a global product. The exhibition Innovative Sweden becomes the tool and channel that makes this possible. It became clearer in China then we through the exhibition reached the CEO level in organizations and companies we ourselves would never have succeeded as a small private company.

Results and expected effects

Penny´s board of directors has decided that the company should have presence in Asia over the next couple of years. There is great interest for Penny both in China and in Singapore. Penny itself has visited Singapore in respect thereof. Penny´s board of directors has decided that the company initially will be situated in Singapore for Asia and from there act in China, Japan and Indonesia. The established contacts from the Exihibition in Shanghai has given Penny a significantly improved platform for the company to operate in China.

Approach and implementation

Penny´s founder gave a speech during the opening week at Tongji University and participated in a press panel during the media´s presence. This gave a direct response from industry, researchers, students and media. Several national newspapers wrote about Penny and the innovation with the result that we have been able to establish contacts with companies in other locations in China. A direct analysis is that the involvement gave a response far exceeded expectations. Something we have benefited greatly from the large competition that exists in the international market.

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