GrowOff 2.0 - the future of farming

Reference number
Coordinator Grönska Stadsodling 365 AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 978 076
Project duration November 2018 - May 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture From linear to circular
Call FashionTech Food Tech

Purpose and goal

With this project Grönska Stadsodling aims to further develop the concept of indoor cultivation in a grocery store setting. Grönska has already designed and tested an indoor farming module called GrowOff, where herbs and leafy greens are grown on 2 sqm, directly in the food store. We now want to further develop this concept into GrowOff 2.0, a module that can reuse resources (primarily in the form of digestate) in a circular system and incorporates a higher degree of automation.

Expected results and effects

With GrowOff 2.0, Grönska wants to be first in Scandinavia to introduce climate-independent cultivation in the grocery store. The GrowOff module requires less water than open-air cultivation, less energy than greenhouses, utilizes the heated area of the store and can cut transportation of the food we grow. By developing a more circular system, GrowOff 2.0 can reuse the stores’ waste in the form of digestate, a biproduct in the production of biogas. With the help of automation, GrowOff 2.0 will be more user-friendly and can spread beyond the food store, to restaurants and schools.

Planned approach and implementation

The GrowOff 2.0 project will culminate in a prototype that can be tested in stores in the spring of 2020. Throughout the project, Grönska will collaborate with Coop to develop a module that provides Coop’s customers with the food they want while integrating naturally in the stores’ regular routines and reuses the stores’ waste. Alfred Nobel Science Park, with expertise in autonomous systems and robotics, will contribute to the GrowOff module’s automation so that it can easily be operated by the stores’ own employees.

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