Development of dual-comb specstroscopy on a chip by supervision of a PhD-student

Reference number 2018-04557
Coordinator RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB - RISE Mätteknik, Borås
Funding from Vinnova SEK 495 000
Project duration January 2019 - December 2021
Status Ongoing

Purpose and goal

This project focuses on dramatically simplifying the use of frequency combs for spectroscopic and metrological applications by developing an integrated photonics system based on two frequency combs. The project will primarily do this by supporting an active supervision of a PhD student in a highly advanced multidisciplinary project that requires expertise in nano- and micro-manufacturing technology, nonlinear optics, ultra-fast laser technology, optical measurement and fundamental metrology.

Expected results and effects

The project will maximize the outcome of a PhD student project in order to create future benefits beyond the academic environment. The project will explore new opportunities in a wide perspective and work to expand cooperation with national and international partners. In the long term, the aim is to bring effects to Swedish society and industry through new innovative methods of measurement, in particular aimed for life-sciences and environment monitoring applications.

Planned approach and implementation

The work in this project will be done through the supervision of a doctoral student, both technically and administratively in the form of support and general supervision. Specifically, this will happen through regular meetings and a number of longer visits at Chalmers to participate in the technical work. The work will also include participation in relevant conferences and contacts with other stakeholders.

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