Development of a digital printing process with sustainable inks for functional clothing

Reference number
Coordinator FOV FABRICS AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 990 832
Project duration October 2019 - September 2021
Status Ongoing
Venture Joint R&D projects for small and medium-sized enterprises in Sweden-Germany
Call Joint R&D projects for small and medium-sized enterprises in Sweden-Germany - autumn 2018

Purpose and goal

Textile industry is one of the most important consumer product industries but also most polluting industries. In Europe there is a great need to replace water-intensive processes and hazardous materials with more environmentally friendly resource-efficient textile processes. Against this background the proposed project aims at developing sustainable, water-based inks for digital printing containing pigments and/or functional particles.

Expected results and effects

It is envisaged that the ingredients of the ink, including colour pigments and binders should be more environmental friendly than what is used today and come from renewable resources. 1. Development of sustainable pigment inks 2. Establishment of a digital printing process on PA and PET 3. Development of mass customization approaches for digital printing

Planned approach and implementation

A close collaboration between Swedish and German partners along the value chain is needed. Prometho will develop sustainable inks for digital printing on polyester and polyamide. FOV will apply the inks to finish their fabrics in a digital, and hence flexible, and environmentally friendly process. The University of Borås will establish a plasma pretreatment process and design a suitable digital printing line. Hochschule Niederrhein focusses on testing alternative print heads and concentrates on mass customization approaches of digital printing for ourdoor and work wear.

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Last updated 5 September 2019

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