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Press release

Strong research environments for a sustainable industry and digital transformation

Published: 5 September 2023

Vinnova invests in 11 new competence centers starting in January 2024, where universities and companies will jointly conduct excellent research and education in areas that are important for a sustainable industry and digital social transformation. In total, the universities, companies and Vinnova are investing SEK 1 billion in the first five years.

This web page has been machine translated. If there are any uncertainties, please refer to the Swedish text.

In the competence centers, universities, research institutes, companies and public actors must conduct research and education in close cooperation in areas that are important for a sustainable industry and digital social transformation and that strengthen Sweden's competitiveness. The goal is for new knowledge and ground-breaking technology to be developed, disseminated and used to speed up the transition. The investment will also contribute to attracting cutting-edge expertise for world-leading research and development in Sweden.

- It is a fantastic opportunity with long-term research environments in cutting-edge areas where researchers collaborate with innovative companies. This type of investment strengthens Swedish innovative capacity and competitiveness, says Pontus de Laval, chairman of the board Advanced digitalisation.

In total, Vinnova invests SEK 387 million in these competence centers over five years with a possible extension for another five years. In addition to this funding, the participating universities and companies contribute an equal amount funding each. Five out of 11 decided competence centers are included as part of the research and innovation program Advanced digitalisation.

- The competence centers that have been granted have great potential to become knowledge nodes for ground-breaking innovations that can strengthen access to competence to meet the challenges we face, says Cecilia Sjöberg head of division, Vinnova.

The following 11 new competence centers receive funding:

Next Generation Communication and Computing Infrastructures and Applications (NextG2Com)

A competence center in future advanced communication systems with a focus on everything from wireless communication technology and networks to software, data, security and relevant application areas. (Advanced digitalisation)
Lunds university
Project manager: Maria Kihl

Sensor Informatics and Decision-making for the Digital Transformation (SEDDIT)

A competence center for knowledge building and development within autonomous systems and advanced mathematical methods. (Advanced digitalisation)
Linköping University
Project manager: Svante Gunnarsson

Continuous Digitalization

The focus of this competence center is to enable
transforming the software-intensive systems industry into a digitized industry that can fully benefit from next-generation computing and communications infrastructure. (Advanced digitalisation)
Chalmers University of Technology
Project manager: Jan Bosch

Wireless infrastructure technology at Chalmers (WiTECH)

A competence center for producing energy efficient
semiconductor components as well as advanced antennas and sensors to reduce the environmental impact of wireless systems. (Advanced digitalisation)
Chalmers University of Technology
Project manager: Marianna Ivashina

Swedish Wireless Innovation Network (SweWIN)

A competence center where sustainability and energy efficiency in both wireless communication and in the use of sustainable materials are in focus. (Advanced digitalisation)
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Project manager: Emil Björnson

Advanced Chip Technology (ACT)

A competence center for developing processes and methods for the development of semiconductor components.
Lunds university
Project manager: Lars-Erik Wernersson

Advanced Calculations for Sustainable Industrial Heat Transfer (AdTherM)

A competence center focused on heat transfer in processes within industry, for example heating, cooling, flow, boiling, melting and energy recovery, but also thermochemical and electrochemical energy conversion.
Lunds university
Project manager: Christer Fureby

Neutron and X-ray Science for Industrial

A competence center focused on sustainable materials technology and development of sustainable materials through scientific method innovations for, and strengthened industrial capacity for, systematic use of large-scale neutron and X-ray sources.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Project manager: Peter Hedström

Dig-IT Lab Sustainable Industry

A competence center aimed at - through digitalisation for smart and sustainable buildings - contributing to reducing energy use and carbon dioxide emissions from the construction and use of buildings.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Project manager: Jonas Anund Vogel

BioGlue-Centre: Competence center for Biobaserade Lim

A competence center aimed at increasing the speed in the search for bio-based alternatives to the – almost exclusively – fossil-based adhesives used today.
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Project manager: Stergios Adamopoulos

Integrated Sensors and Adaptive Technology for Sustainable Products and Manufacturing

A competence center focused on integrated sensor technology that enables digital real-time optimization of industrial products and production processes for a sustainable industry.
Lunds university
Project manager: Anders Mikkelsen 

What is a competence center?

  • Consists of a consortium with parties from different sectors with a common vision and objective and which is based on excellent research and where the knowledge that is developed in the environment can be used by business and society.
  • The centers shall stimulate cooperation between parties from business, academia and public actors.
  • There must be a center board with decision-making rights over the direction of research at the centre


Anders Marén

Programme Manager

+46 8 473 31 88

Jeannette Dypbukt

Programme manager

+46 8 473 32 52

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