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Hos Vinnova is competing Sweden's most exciting innovation funding for funding to develop its future business. Vinnova supports companies in the early phase by taking a high risk. The business concept should be innovative and have a commercial focus that can make the company internationally competitive. Vinnova also helps Swedish companies find and seek funding within the EU. As a small or medium-sized company you can search almost all of our calls. But we have some investments where we only address you.

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Yubico scaled up with the help of Vinnova's funding

\"There must be a step before the venture capitalist where the inventor can show that the idea works. For us, Vinnova was that step.\"

Sven Ekerot, SiCell AB, Stockholm Län, Innovativa Startups Part 1 - 2017

\"Vinnova's support was crucial to being able to start the patent investigation and incredibly valuable to us\"

Måns Westesson, CAPSENZE BIOSYSTEMS AB, Skåne Län, InnovativeStartupsPart 1 - 2017

Betting for you

Here we list all initiatives that are aimed especially at small and medium-sized companies.

With this joint call, we are offering public funding for joint R&D projects between Swedish and German small and medium-sized enterprises (in this call up to 499 employees). The joint R&D projects are expected to develop products, technology-based services or methods which will in subsequent steps generate sustainable solutions with market potential and potential to address societal challenges. Universities, research institutes and other enterprises are welcome as additional participants or subcontractors according to each country´s funding schemes.
Open calls within this offer are listed below.
<p>Med det här erbjudandet ger vi högkvalitativa inkubatorer möjlighet att främja utvecklingen av nya kunskapsintensiva företag med stor internationell potential.</p>
A funding opportunity for small och medium-sized enterprises. Below you will find current application rounds within this call.
Below, we list calls for proposals within this offer.
<p><span><span lang="">Startups with ideas that challenge existing structures and systems for better business and a better future, can apply for early-stage funding</span><i><span lang="">.</span></i></span></p>
<p>Horizon 2020 is the world's largest effort on research and innovation with a budget of around 80 billion euros.</p>

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