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System demonstrator for utilization of healthcare data

This call for proposals supports the implementation of so-called system demonstrators to make use of healthcare data in new ways. It is about demonstrating how a combination of innovative solutions can change an entire system. Participating stakeholders must have the capacity and ambition to work together in large-scale and long term collaboration. The goal is to improve health care, research, innovation, quality development as well as increasing equality in health.

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The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

In this call for proposals, funding is given to demonstrate how a combination of innovative solutions together can change an entire system. System demonstration is about integrating several different dimensions to create scalable solutions.

Who can apply?

At least three project partners from different sectors are required, of which at least one is a healthcare provider. The actors must have the capacity to drive and coordinate an ambitious collaboration to implement a large-scale system demonstrator.

How much can you apply for?

In the call for proposals, up to three system demonstrators are financed with a maximum of SEK 30 million each, spread over four years.

Important dates

We will have digital meetings, question sessions and individual dialogues or group discussions about the offer on a number of occasions. You can find them in the timeline below. Links to the meetings will be published on the respective dates well in advance of the meeting. The first information meeting is April 4 at 13-14.

  • Questions and answers about the offer

    Here you can take part in common questions and answers about this the offer.

    FAQ for the call for proposals System demonstrator for utilization of data from healthcare

    Watch the presentation from the information meeting

    What is the offer about?

    The overall goal of this the offer ( the call for proposals) is to contribute to good and equal health. In order to reach this objective, more accurate efforts are required in prevention, early and precise diagnostics, treatment and efficient rehabilitation. New and better ways of making use of healthcare data can contribute to better opportunities in research, innovation, quality development, follow-up, governance and resource planning.

    In the call for proposals funding is given to demonstrate how a combination of innovative and mature solutions can change an entire system in a real context. Working with system change means having a holistic perspective, addressing challenges within several different dimensions, for example regulations, business models, behaviors and infrastructure. By testing possibilities and solutions, it is identified within which dimensions something needs to be changed and adapted in order to succeed with the entire planned changeover. System demonstration is about creating scalable and long-term solutions that work nationally, and eventually internationally.

    The offer is aimed at actors with the capacity to join forces in a large-scale ambitious collaboration with many involved parties. These actors can be, for example, healthcare providers, companies, regions, authorities and patient organisations. In order to apply, at least three project partners are required, of which at least one is a care provider. The actors are expected to jointly coordinate and drive the implementation of a system demonstrator in a real environment.

    In the call for proposals up to three system demonstrators are financed with a maximum of 30 million each, spread over four years.

    The offer is open to all actors without eligibility requirements for previously granted preparatory projects.

    Read more about the initiative for better care with aggregated data

    See the recorded information meeting about the offer

    Recording of the information meeting "System demonstrator for utilization of care and care data" from vinnovase on Vimeo.

    Download document templates for your attachments

    Plesae download the templates for the documents you need to attach to your application such as a CV or project description.

    This happens when the call for proposals is closed

    When your proposal has been registered, we email a confirmation to the person responsible for the user account as well as to the project manager and the signatory. This may take a few hours after the call for proposals closes. If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours after the call for proposals closes, please contact us.

    When the call for proposals is closed, you cannot change or fill in any new information. Then you can only supplement your proposal if we ask for it.

    Who can read your proposal?

    Applications submitted to us become public documents. But we do not disclose information about the business, inventions or research results if it can be assumed that someone will suffer financial damage if the information is shown.

    This means that we must hand over the documents if someone requests them. But we keep confidential the information that we judge could mean financial damage if it is disclosed.

    This is how we handle public documents and confidentiality

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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