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Fellowship at Vinnova's office in Silicon Valley

With the help of a scholarship you get the opportunity to spend 10 months at Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley and contribute to the business there. The scholarship is aimed at those who have a good understanding of startups and who wish to develop your network and competence.

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In collaboration with Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, Vinnova's activities in Silicon Valley are aimed, among other things, at facilitating Swedish startups with the ambition to scale up, grow internationally and take maximum advantage of the unique innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

In order to meet demand and to create deeper links between Sweden and Silicon Valley in the longer term, Vinnova has a programme with education grants, among other things.

The scholarships are aimed at people with a good understanding of startups and who wish to develop their network and their competence. The scholarships offer the opportunity to spend 10 months at Nordic Innovation House and actively contribute to the business there.

Two scholarships of 10 months each are announced annually.

The program is funded by Marianne and Marcus Wallenbergs Stiftelse.

Marianne and Marcus Wallenbergs Stiftelse


Since its founding, the foundation has made grants totaling SEK 2.6 billion, primarily for research projects of high scientific potential and as individual support for prominent researchers. The foundation preferably supports research in the social sciences. Priority projects include new research areas and research of a cross-border nature, preferably with a focus on IT and digital media.

Read more on the Marianne and Marcus Wallenbergs Foundation website

Nordic Innovation House

Cooperation between Nordic governmental organizations

Nordic Innovation House (NIH) in Palo Alto, since the summer of 2014, is a collaboration between Nordic government organizations with a presence in Silicon Valley. This includes Vinnova, Innovation Norway, Team Finland, Innovation Center Denmark and Innovation Center Iceland.


The purpose of NIH is to make it easier for Nordic startups to benefit from the ecosystem in the valley effectively. It is valuable in the early stages, when much innovation remains, not just product innovation, but equally in business models, distribution models, revenue models, and so on. Of course, it is also valuable in the upscaling phase. A further aim is to raise awareness in Silicon Valley about the Nordic region and Nordic high technology and entrepreneurship.

Physical workplaces and meeting rooms

In addition to access to networks and mentors, NIH also offers physical workplaces and meeting rooms, which can serve as a base camp for temporary visits to the area, or as a first landing site at the establishment.

Number of members

NIH has about 180 Nordic startups as members, and in 2017 had over 5000 visitors. Since 2017 there is also Nordic Innovation House in New York.

Read more on the Nordic innovation house website

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