International Innovation Initiative – Joint Promotion of International Collaboration

The International Innovation Initiative is a joint effort of innovation actors within industry, academia and government in Sweden, promoting collaboration with key actors in prioritised countries.

Cooperation between sectors and across borders

I Sverige, we have a long tradition and a strong belief in the power of collaboration and we have an innovation system that stimulates collaboration. The purpose of the International Innovation Initiative is to further develop cross-sectoral and cross-border cooperation.

Sustainable Development

Collaboration is necessary for the transition to a sustainable society. By sharing knowledge, solutions and good examples, we can create a better future for future generations. It's time for change and action. Together we can handle the challenges we face.

Sweden - top nation for innovation

Sweden is a leading knowledge nation with one of the world's foremost innovation system. Sweden has been ranked as one of the world's foremost innovation nations for years. Our innovation capacity is high according to various international comparisons conducted by the European Commission, World Econimic Forum as well as other reputable institutions.

Co-creation for innovation

Collaboration is a key ingredient in the Swedish recipe for success as an innovation nation. Co-creation is necessary to be at the forefront of innovation. Against this background, the International Innovation Initiative aims to promote long-term relations with priority countries.

Come and innovate with us!

Long-term collaboration with strategic partners creates more and better business opportunities, strengthens research and education, supports innovation processes and attracts investments and expertise to both Sweden and our partner countries. Come and innovate with us through co-creation!

Information, coordination and joint project

The Swedish government has commissioned Vinnova to strengthen strategic international innovation work and partnerships. According to the assignment, Vinnova will contribute to the development of strategic relations and long-term promotion of innovation together with priority countries. The activities will develop and facilitate cooperation within the framework of, for example, Sweden's international agreements and partnerships.

Vinnova has developed the International Innovation Initiative together with the Government Offices, Business Sweden and other Swedish innovation actors. Please see below a list of the innovation actors driving the initiative.

The initiative brings together actors from industry, academia and public sectors for information sharing, coordination and joint project. The initiatives are based on Swedish areas of strength, interest from Swedish business and industry, collaboration between different actors and interests in the partner country.

Read the entire government assignment

Long-term increase in international relations

In the short term, the initiative will promote information sharing and coordination among Swedish innovation actors' international activities. This is done, among other things, through a common annual cycle where international innovation activities are brought together.

In addition, the innovation actors who run the initiative can start joint projects. The joint projects can involve more innovation actors than those who run the initiative. The projects are actor- and needs-driven and often strengthen ongoing initiatives.

In the longer term, a collective action among Swedish innovation actors can benefit more from and increase Sweden's attractiveness as a strategic partner in the innovation area. By gathering expertise and ideas, we promote innovation and new technology.

Lots of innovation going on

Here you can update yourself and see what happens in the cooperation with specific countries. The initiative includes, but is not limited to, the countries below.


For the following countries, there are LinkedIn groups where you can find information about innovation activities and partners. More groups will be created soon. You will need to log in to LinkedIn to be able to follow the links.

South Korea
Joint Group for France and Germany

Vinnova in Silicon Valley

Nordic Innovation House - Silicon Valley

We who run the International Innovation Initiative are:

Coordinators of the International Innovation Initiative

Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency, including Vinnova's innovation scouts in Silicon Valley (USA) and Tel Aviv (Israel), is the main coordinator of the International Innovation Initiative. The initiative is coordinated in close collaboration with:

  • Business Sweden, Sveriges Export- and Investment Council, which operates in over 40 markets in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East & Africa and Asia
  • Sveriges Innovations- and Research Council at the Swedish Embassies in Beijing (China), Brasília (Brazil), New Delhi (India), Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan) and Washington (USA).
  • Intsam, the coordinating function of the Swedish research funders. Collected by Vinnova and the Swedish Research Council, the Research Council Formas, the Research Council for health, working life and welfare (Forte) and the Swedish Energy Agency. In addition, the Foundation for the Internationalization of Higher Education and research, STINT, is co-opted.


Please contact Malin Petersen, responsible for International Innovation Initiative at Vinnova, for more information.

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